Friday, April 23, 2010

One Day at a time...

I have so wanted to be back here daily, but between still not having my health completely restored, trying to get to all of the doctors follow up visits, fighting horrible fatigue, trying to help Jim.. he really got deeply down in the dumps just about the time I finally began feeling better. I think he spent so much time concentrating on having the faith and strength to help me live through those weeks and weeks of severe pain, severe illness, several surgical procedures (and I have one more to take the stint out of my primary bile duct next Wednesday),plus trying to work, and deal with his own pain issues with his back, everything came crashing down around him about 2 weeks ago. So, I had to try and muster enough physical, mental and emotional strength myself so I could help him pull through his anguish. Thank goodness for a dear friend of his that really helped,and the love of my Mom and his step Mom, we are still in the midst of worry about the situation next week. I have been through so much, but so has Jim, my Mom and my kids. My own PCP admitted they thought three different times I may not make it through all that I did. So, my life has definitely changed in so many ways. I am trying not to put off the little things daily, but enjoy them. I have had to slow down, but that alone has put beauty back into my life. Please continue to keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers over the next weeks to come... xoxox Rhia

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