Saturday, October 2, 2010

Can't use a proper medical term, VAGINA, on a video online or on TV?? CBS is nuts!

Talk about double standards! A dear friend of mine online, who is a OB/GYN and has written a book for women, has just began her new book tour. Lissa Rankin is a well known, intelligent, and just amazing woman, that has a website called "Owning Pink". Her website is just incredible, and women of all ages would greatly benefit from her information there, as well as all of the awesome women who have joined forces there with her.

On her book tour, she was asked by a head person at CBS to do a video spot about her book and the tour. There had already been another video done by a guy and the title of the video is "15 Crazy Things About Sperm" Here is the URL:

It seems it is perfectly okay to use the term "sperm", or other related words, such as "Penis", "erectile dysfunction" which we see and hear all the time on commercials, but the word "Vagina" was said by another CBS person to be too "racy" for them to put up Lissa's video on their website which is: "15 Curious Things You May Not Know About the Vagina". Now tell me, why is it perfectly fine to use the term sperm, and not Vagina, when it is not slang, it is a medical term, and she in fact is an OB/GYN??!! It is pure sexist as far as I am concerned and women should be outraged everywhere. In fact men should be outraged. It is purely stupid. They can show bloody, horrible violence all over the internet and on TV. It is fine to show half naked women in movies for TV, and advertise medications for Erectile Dyfunction, even as far as saying "Be ready at any time", plus Jimmy Johnson advertising pills and there is even a RACE CAR for "Extendize", but the word Vagina is taboo? This is NOT the stone ages. This is NOT some slang term, and besides it is a video on CBS news on line not in some prime time slot on TV, which should not make a difference at all. Here is a post from Lissa Rankin, where you can read the entire story, and decide for yourself. But this is plain sexist, and I hope all of you stand up and be counted for. After all, all women have them, and there is NO good reason not to use this term.

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