Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lissa Rankin "New Book Tour" "What's Up Down There?"

There is an incredible woman who is now an OB/GYN that is just a blessing to all who get to know her. She has just began her book tour, for her new book "What's Up Down There?" Lissa is a down to Earth, intelligent lady, that gives us, as women, hope, encouragement, answers, and praise, when we need it the most. Her site and blog, "Owning Pink" is also incredible. There are so many wonderful ladies who are members, that care about one another, and encourage one another to do more, to be more, to live your dreams out, no matter what those dreams might be. After getting to know Lissa, and several more of the women there, I have just totally been inspired to write more on my book. :) When things seem the bleakest in our lives, whether it stems from stress, family, children, spouses, jobs, home, school, illness, or the other 1 million and one things women do to make everyone elses' life better, we often forget that we truly need to be taking care of "us" first. Women as a whole tend to put their own needs on the back burner, so that our children, our parents, our spouses, our friends, jobs, and much more are enlightened and happy.
Then we come to a place that we start to feel "burned out", "spent" and used up. At that time is when we grow into a place of darkness, and we begin to try and find out why we feel so completely useless, when it seems all we do, is be "useful" for all that are around us.

As women, sometimes we just do not "see" our own needs. We tend to think that the more we do for others, the better we will feel about ourselves. Yet, without tending to our own bodies, minds, souls, and spirits, we are spiraling downward, using up all of our energy on others, and giving to ourselves nothing. Sooner or later we often find ourselves fighting illnesses, depression, & anxiety.
We must learn to follow our own dreams, give ourselves a break, let ourselves off the hook, and allow our own lives to blossom. When we feel whole as a person and woman, then we can do more for others. But, if we allow ourselves to put our needs at the very bottom of that long list, we often are resentful of the very people we love most. Love yourself enough to take care of you, then you will have enough time and love for those around you.

We also have a tough time saying "No!" No matter how full and busy our lives are, many times women just continue to say "Yes, I can" to all requests put on us by jobs, family, spouses, children, and the world. Why shouldn't we be able to do it all??? We are "wonder women" aren't we? Yes, many of us are truly "Wonder Women"! We say yes to everything. Then we wonder why we are exhausted, sick, or in pain. We try and figure out why we are angry or upset, and just can't fathom why, when everyone around us is have their needs met, we are not happy.

Take a very good look in your mirror. Ask yourself when the last time was that you said "no", I can't go to the soccer game tonight, I need to stay at home because I have lots to do, or I am just too tired this one time. Or I need to take a rain check on the Tupper Ware party, or let's postpone the yard sale for two weeks, or let's go out tonight and eat, I don't feel up to cooking. When was the last time you did something totally "selfish" just for you? Had a manicure, had your hair cut, permed or colored (not by yourself, but at the beauty salon), bought yourself a new dress or shoes, took lunch hour for LUNCH, NOT errands, asked the kids to put away their own clothes, asked your spouse for a dinner date, sat down all alone and read a book, or watched your favorite show, did your nails in a new color, or any number of things we should do just for us???

"Owning Pink" and the ladies there, is and are about taking care of you and your needs. Everyone there has been through tough times and wonderful times. The women there understand one another, they listen to one another, and they even meet physically in some places, like for instance, there is a "group" right here in my own county and home town that have meetings on occasion.

I will end for now with a couple of links to go to. Lissa has a FaceBook page, plus she has her "Owning Pink" website, and her new book just went on sale, and is at Amazon also.

Please take a moment to think of something nice that you can do just for you today... even if it is just a 5 minute breather, totally without any noise or interruption to tell yourself, you are truly "worth it".!/lissarankin?ref=ts

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