Thursday, September 30, 2010

Clinical Trials on Tenazumab for Osteoarthritis pain halted by FDA because of working "too well".

How stupid is this??? They find a medication that can take the pain of osteoarthritis away so well, people get their lives back, but the FDA feels it is working "too well", thus they have halted the clinical trials until they can deliberate over it. Why not put a strong warning on the medication, that if you have advanced degenerative joint disease, where the joints are almost worn out enough to require replacements, that you need to not go back to joint intensive type activities, such as jogging, running stairs, running, playing tennis, or any kind of physical activity that puts lots of added stress onto the joints??? Sure we are going to do more once we are out of chronic pain somewhat, but to take it completely out of clinical trials because it works so well seems absolutely stupid to me. One story about it is above... and here is another link...

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