Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Always Reporting the Negative side, and never the positive aspects of pain medications?

Yes, another article negatively impacting prescription pain killers from a prominent paper, the New York Times. What I just don't understand is why they are NOT telling the other side of the story, which is how so many people are given their quality of life back, due to these types of medications. Here we are in the middle of National Pain Awareness Month, when positive things should be discussed and told, yet just about every media type, every news station, many newspapers, & other media have chosen to skip over the good news, and put the bad and ugly in words and reports. This is truly infruiating for those like myself, who are true chronic illness and pain patients, we have NO issues with abusing, addiction, stealing, lying, or being one of the "bad" guys, yet this type of representation reeks havoc for our future quality of life. Please join me in making sure we continue to get the GOOD news out about our medications and all the positive ways they affect us.

Thanks so much, Rhia

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