Monday, February 4, 2013

"Odd" but incredible times for the Super Bowl!

What can I say but WOW!!!! What a heck of a strange Super Bowl Game!!!! The commercials were phenomenal, the teams both very extremely good! Even though of course without the Cowboys in there, we were not really "bowled over", we were with the Coaching Brothers, the Incredible, more or less "Rookie" Quarterback that just knew in the 4th grade his life was on a path (I thought that was an awesome story about his life), and then THE LIGHTS!!! Man, talk about frightening!!! I think I it would have been totally creepy moments for me, because I would half have been expecting, at any time a bomb or something horrible may have been launched to happen. We even talked about that before the game. So many people watching, and so many people attending, with eyes from all over this world, all it takes is one fool!!!! So, I have to commend the entire security staff, and everyone who did make sure all of those there were as safe as possibly could be and could enjoy the game!!! All in all, it turned out to be a fun day and evening, even though I am still under the weather some. We made low cal ranch dip and bean dip, and we had cut up veggies, did have one bag of Tostito's but they were "gluten free", and I had made some Rice Krispie treats for "dessert", and put a few dark chocolate chips in them, since those are the "healthy" ones. We were stuffed too quickly. We did not eat really all day, so by the time we sat down, both of us and the dogs were hungry. LOL. and we kind of began eating later than usual... anyway, I hope everyone had a great time, got home safe and sound, and look forward to the COWBOYS in there next year!!! I had to laugh at myself when we decided to go onto bed since the lights were taking so long, that I told Jim I thought I heard "jets scrambling" over head!!! :) We are so close to LA and our Air Force bases here are sometimes close enough they do fly over, thus I think it was a train, but it sounded like the jets going to check things out to me.

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