Friday, February 15, 2013

On Valetine's Day

If we figured the amount of roses bought, the amount of fine chocolates eaten, the incredible beauty of so many cards, thoughtful words, well wishes, of love, passion, hearts, the true meaning of what a special holiday for "lovers" adds up to we could probably fix part of the National Debt.
We are suckers for romance. Women of course are, but men, especially for this holiday are usually trying to possibly make up for the other times of the year they "forget" birthdays, or anniversaries, plus other special occasion before this one especially designed and designated to say "I Love You".
It is honestly peaceful and in pure harmony of life that I am thrilled we sit try to make this a very special way to celebrate how we feel for those who are most important in our lives.
All too often we deny ourselves, and those around the mentioning of allowing love to seep in and show the strength there is in loving someone and also being in love, to have them share their moment of showing how great that love is. After all this nation and this world has been through over the past year, even the past 4 months, we should all be telling one another how we feel. For so many young and old, rich or poor, healthy or ill, we have watched the lives of these events effect our children, our teachers, and there will forever be a making their way a little differently through what we sometimes take for granted... May we always allow "V" Day to ring in our hearts....  no matter how lousy life gets on any one day... my hopes are that we stand upon the foundation of the true and pure "goodness".

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