Thursday, June 20, 2013

Awesome News!!! Our Local Paper Has My Story about my books being published in it!!!

WOW@!!! Great News!!!! Our Local paper FINALLY PRINTED an article about myself and my BOOKS!!! I was so shocked. I did not know they were doing it this soon. I just went there on Monday, then came home and resent emailed it to another lady who said she would get it to the proper person. Then I open the paper last night to the 2nd page and there it is, almost an ENTIRE HALF PAGE with my story about my two books, and a picture of me and the latest book!!!! All I could say at first to my husband was MY BOOK!!! We ran to buy more copies and then went by Mom's to surprise her!!! I knew that would make her so happy! She had been waiting for that article to appear hopefully! I will either get a copy scanned and put in or I may find it online at their website. I will make sure I look! Hugs, to all Rhia

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