Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Since When did the "system" decide to tell us and our physicians what medications we needed or not need to take???

I don't think I told this yet, thus I am now. About a week ago I went into my usual pharmacy I use for everything unless it is something they can't get. I have been using them for years and years. I have not been very happy with the pharmacist as of late. HE is kind of new, he has a foreign accent, and seems nice but what he said to me "took the cake" a week ago. He called me over to the "counseling" window, and told me that "he" and "I" needed to sit down and "discuss" my medications that my doctors are giving me! I looked at him and said WHAT the hell are you talking about? When did it get to where a pharmacist can "tell my own doctors" what to give and what NOT to give me??? He went on to explain, since I have several physicians, YES i do, and they may not know what the other is giving me...WRONG!!! YES THEY DO! I TELL THEM AND THEY TELL EACH OTHER! I told him! and he continued to tell me... well they maybe giving me medications that I may NOT NEED!! Are you Insane??? I have multiple illnesses, including Lupus, RA, heart attacks twice, MCTD, Sjogren's... plus others... and NO I am NOT taking "duplicate" or not necessary meds! I KNOW! also what I can and cannot take! So, I asked him??? Where is this coming from ...INSURANCE COMPANY??!! Of course Medicare and the Insurance companies are NOW going to tell OUR DOCTORS what WE NEED and DO NOT NEED??? Nuts, it is totally nuts! He insisted he would "call me next week" and sit up an appt to "speak with me". The hell he will!!!! I got online with my insurance, found this link with them that is about "optimizing" your prescriptions. Mainly they want to see if all you are taking can be "generics" or not, which everything that is and can be for me is already! Plus I could see some elderly person possibly taking more than one of something, if they have more than one doctor, they are confused (as my Mom can be), or do not have anyone to help them... BUT that is NOT me! Quite frankly he offended the hell out of me. If I were not already so accustomed to WG's and all of the other staff etc... I would MOVE EVERY SCRIPT I HAVE! Anyway, I WENT THROUGH AND PRINTED something from Humana that SHOWS  that MY MEDICATION IS "Optimized" and NOTHING CAN BE ADDED OR TAKEN AWAY! I printed it, and next time I go in I intend on handing it to them and telling them to take me of their stupid "list"... I am as I already said, doing what I am supposed to as far as my meds, my doctors and trying to "save" myself and my insurance company money. I don't need some pharmacist telling me what and what I cannot take! If I was on something that might cause a "harmful reaction" then yes, do your job! NOT try and tell me and my doctors about anything else... Lord I was pissed....

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