Friday, March 14, 2014

The Arthritis Foundation's National Advocacy Summit Only Days Away!!!

Please everyone PRAY that I am well enough and everything works out here so I can go stand and give my story to Congress! I will be speaking for ALL of us!

This is one of the dreams I have Had all my Life... to "Stand" upon the "steps" of the White House and have ALL of them listening to ALL WE go through in a matter of a day, a week, a month, a year..

 how our quality of life is non-existent...  If I can JUST SHOW them the scars of what RA, Lupus and now Sj√∂grens' has done to my teeth.... in less than a year neatly ALL of my teeth have either completely rotted and had to be pulled... or "patched" so I can keep it a while longer, now others have like at least 6 holes in them... and it just goes and goes... it is insanity!!!!

So REMEMBER ALL of the VOICES on MARCH 24th through the 26TH that are speaking for YOU, for I and for ALL of us!!!

You can help and give your voices with the Arthritis Foundation at this URL:

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