Thursday, September 4, 2014

Catching Up!!!!

There is a great deal for me to "catch up" on as far as the blog. Many of you also read Facebook, and I had posted a bit there, but I want to try and post here, then put a link to it on FB all the time.

I finally have my teeth completely gone, and a set of beautiful teeth, like I have wanted since I was 15 years old! They are "fake", BUT hey they are beautiful. So, always as they say, watch what you ask for. :)

I will be about 90 days out before the "mini implants" go in and the dentures are modified to go on those. Thus instead of the bottom one especially wanting to come out, they will stay in place, not rub sores on my mouth etc. Don't get me wrong I love them like this! I can finally smile!

Jim is slowly improving. We are having all kinds of heck getting him a couple of the doctors he needs that will take the "insurance" he is on. As far as the "wreck" it is in "litigation" I guess, well heading that way, with both of us giving depositions a couple of weeks from now... and then it is just depending on the other parties involved how long before any type of decision is brought to us... So, we shall wait and see... I DO KNOW that a couple of the parties involved have NOT cooperated AT ALL! To not one certified letter, to no visits, to nothing, and I am not sure they have even said they will come to their deposition times. So, again just a waiting game.

I have been so thrilled with all of the things going on in! I have been taking all of the classes to be an "Ambassador", and the last one is next month! That is when we are told we are "accepted" or not, and also if there is anyone who qualified for the "Platinum Ambassador" title. So, between emailing my Congressmen, going to a Town Hall meeting yesterday in fact, and so many things I have done to help the cause.... and made some incredible "friends" and met some awesome people along the way.

 I have a couple of other projects I am working on, trying to clear my schedule, so I can get back to what I know and love, besides advocacy... my blog and writing.

I will definitely try and get back tomorrow, post more, and give you more information... we have an exciting election coming up and much of this that is involved is for "We" the people, thus we need "The  People" to get up, go down to where you cast a ballot and VOTE! Griping about it, making small or large talk about it won't fix it... it has to be YOU AND I... all of us getting Congress, Senate, House and the President and Chief of Staff, along with ALL of those that are in politics and are supposed to be representing us! So, get ready, because that is going to be my mantra for the rest of the next coming months!!! GET UP, GET to the VOTING place, CAST YOUR BALLOT - called  VOTING! Believe me even though we may not think so, OUR VOTES DO MATTER!! WHETHER ONE OR MANY, THEY DO COUNT!!!

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