Thursday, September 18, 2014

30 day Healthy Eating and Nutrition Challenge! by the IFAA

Are you a patient who would like to boost your health by eating more nutrient rich foods but you need help reaching your goals or jumpstarting your efforts?
Are you interested in communicating daily with other patients, just like you, who have the same diseases and face the same struggles with diet? and working towards common goals together, as a group?
Would you like to have a Personal Training and Wellness Coach (who happens to also have Rheumatoid Arthritis) there to help you daily with recipe recommendations, label reading assistance, and support to keep you on track?
For just the month of October, IFAA is launching a pilot program in the hopes that there is enough interest from our community to make this a full-fledged program in 2015. Why is this an exciting opportunity for YOU right now? The group who participates in October will not only be helping themselves, they will be helping potentially 1,000's of patients around the world because these participants will be contributing commentary to what should be in the permanent program!
What's more? Not only will these participants be working daily with our wellness experts AND other patients, this just in....IFAA's CEO (and patient) will also be in the group and working one on one with each patient, DAILY for 30 days, to tackle the patient-specific challenges we all face, such as what to do when you are flaring and cannot cut your meals? Are there fatigue-fighting ideas to help you through the day (and night)?
But wait...there's MORE! We are also contacting "special guests" (aka Autoimmune Arthritis patients who understand diet and cooking challenges), who we will be asking to make special appearances in the group!
We need a minimum of 10 patients to participate in the pilot program. Will YOU be the one who makes the most changes to YOUR life AND the lives of thousands?
There is a $40USD fee associated with this program (program without the one on one patient assistance from IFAA, only from the trainer is usually $60USD, so this is a discounted price. Also, $10 will be donated to IFAA from each registered participant.)
NOTE: This is a nutrition support patient group created to help those who want to improve their nutrition and diet, in conjunction with their current treatment plan; this is NOT to be used as a substitute for treatment.

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