Saturday, October 4, 2014

Rheumatoid Arthritis Study - Volunteers Needed - See if you Qualify from this post and the IFAA will get the donation!

Do YOU qualify for this study? If you do, and are willing to give a little time for a phone interview, you can raise $100 for IFAA!

All money raised from this study will be used towards wellness education and patient-centered/patient-led research in 2015.

Do you qualify? Will you help? PLEASE SHARE via social media to find qualified participants.

Additional qualifying criteria is:

You must have been on the Cimzia, Humira or Remicade for less than one year before discontinuing.

You must have moderate or severe RA (as opposed to mild)

You cannot be a nurse, doctor, or research professional.

This will be one confidential and anonymous phone call with one moderator that will be scheduled at your convenience.

Is this you? If so, PLEASE EMAIL DOUG ASAP at!

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