Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Petition and Comments of the Docket from the CDC on Pain Medications - we need your COMMENTS AND SIGNATURES!

This is a Petition in the Government Petition organization and we have over 20,000 letters and signatures on this one....

As this Petition is titled our doctors have been sworn to "Do No Harm" and if WE as True Pain patients cannot get our medications due to these ridiculous guidelines, then our doctors are going against the "Oath" they took to be physicians!

The DOCKET located here :!docketBrowser;rpp=25;po=0;dct=PS;D=CDC-2015-0112;refD=CDC-2015-0112-0001 

Has 1,300 COMMENTS but we need 13,000 or 20,000 COMMENTS!!! Please go in and take a few moments to comment and to sign the petition, you can do it anonymously if you wish... we have until January 13th... so be sure to get those in by then... it will close and then will will not be able to comment, and if you can't do it online, there is an address you can mail your comments to directly!

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