Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Boron Borax Therpay for Arthritis, Osteo,RA, Osteoporosis, Joint Pain, Inflammation - A Natural Supplement we often Lack - been known since the 60s

I happened upon an article about Boron or Borax therapy, that proves to be extremely interesting. I know that Borax that I buy in the box and put in my laundry is an all natural type of supplement, and I had heard about studies on it back in the 60s and the health benefits it has on us.

We NEED an amount of Boron in our systems, to help keep us from having JOINT PROBLEMS, arthritis, stiffness, swelling, osteoporosis, even helping to keep you from having kidney stones, and so much more. I had forgotten about it until I read another article this morning, and I am doing some research on it, but I think I will take some Borax (i just used the rest of my box in with Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and mixed them, so I will have to buy another box, but basically it is the very same as going and buying Boron Tablets. 

You can mix like an 1/8 of a teaspoon in a liter of water, and drink it. There are several ways people do it, drinking it during the week, and then not on the weekends, or drinking it one week, and not the next, and alternating. BUT after reading several articles on this, I think I will buy a new box and give it a try. I looked up the pills, but that means another expensive and it is all the same. 

One in a box for laundry and cleaning and the other in a pill form, of the same thing. I think it is well worth the try when you read about the outcome from many people... and of course our doctors, and pharmaceutical companies do NOT want this information to become viral, because if what I am reading it true, it would put some out of a job, and do away with some of the horribly expensive medications we are given.... I am still reading on this but here are a few links....




And you can do a search and find all type of articles about it...

I am very impressed as to what I have read, and as I said above, I had heard about this several years back, and seen a new article about it, so I decided to do a bit of research on the subject.

I have to go to the market and get a new box, since I just emptied mine and mixed it with Washing Soda, I mix both of them and put it in my laundry, and use it around the house as a natural cleaner, with no toxic chemicals in it... 

Of course before you try it, I would make sure it does not interfere with any of your others medications, and you may want to ask your physician. Although for myself, since it is a substance in our bodies, that we probably lack due to all of the other junk and chemicals we put in it daily, I see it like a green tea pill, or other types of supplements. I already take B-12 in pills and monthly injections.

But, as I said I am NOT a doctor, so make sure you do what you need to do before trying this, or anything....

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