Thursday, February 18, 2016

I'm Kind of Out OF it these past couple of days...

Sorry gals and guys. I have been in kind of a "funky" mood, state of mind, whatever you want to call it this past couple of days. It's not any "one" thing I can put my finger on, just a lot of little things here and there that I have kind of had to "mull over" and have reminders of awesome stuff, like my Tazzy, and then "not so great stuff" that I will not even mention... plus some of my family have been having "stuff" in life go on also, so I am concerned for them, and for Mom, and what the outcome will be on her visit Monday to the doctor. She has not felt "well" again now all week long... and I realize she is 80 years old, BUT, it is "not just age". Up until about 7 or 8 months ago, she had some issues, but nothing like I see now daily... she called me early this morning to ask me if I was "having surgery today"???? I told her Mom you know I just saw my Heart doctor yesterday and we have put off the "neck" surgery till the first part of March, and I do not even have a date yet.... and how she could "think" with no one "taking me", and me not saying a word, even yesterday when I went by... but those are just the things that tell me it is much more than just "age related".... anyway, I just have not even been able to post on my blog, which is unusual for me... I think I am just also worn out... I had been "running" since last week Before we went to the Casino last Thursday and then this week I have had stuff all week long I needed to do, catch up on etc... so I think I am just tired and probably need to take a break... and allow my mind to catch up with my body LOL! Have a good Friday everyone tomorrow... and hopefully by Saturday I will feel more like getting into posting etc... after over $130.00 YESTERDAY between MY CO-PAY AT THE DOCTOR, THEN THE CAR INSPECTION AND THEN I CAME HOME AND REGISTERED THE DAMNED THING ONLINE, AND ALL OF THAT WAS 135.00 JUST YESTERDAY!!!! INSANITY!!! Rhia

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