Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hello From Ennis - The Home of this Year's 50th Polka Festival that is an Annual Event!




Czech people know how to celebrate, dance, eat, and enjoy all the realms of what Czech the Lifestyle that continues to come down from one generation to another. People from all over the USA, as well as Internationally come each year to our small community and Celebrate with the BEST Barbeque, Wonderful Klobase' (an awesome sausage spiced with black pepper and hand made by many still in our community), Saurkraut, Kolache' (a special light pastry with sweet dough and fillings in the middle such as Apricot, Cream Cheese, Poppy Seed, and many more choices of fillings, as well as our own special way we do new potatoes and parsley, green beans, and more... and of course we cannot forget the Beer! 


The Polka is known by just about everyone from the time they can walk, and the colorful costumes are a delight... some so very intricate, some hand made here and in the "Old Country" as my Mom would say... It kicks off every year with a huge parade in the center of town, lots of activities for young and old, even dancing in the streets, some of them still the old brick, many hand made crafts to choose from, plus the Halls The KJT, Sokol Hall, and the KC Hall, along with others all have food, dancing music and beer.... 

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