Saturday, May 7, 2016

One "Mixed Emotional" Mother's Day tomorrow.... And A Happy Mother's Day to ALL Mom's everywhere!


Tomorrow, Our Upcoming "Mother's Day" will be one of the most difficult Mother's Days to remember. As the overwhelming realm of mixed feelings, thoughts, emotions, all surround me, I am just at almost a loss for words today. 


My "Mom" once again did not know who I was today, nor yesterday. I got there, and she told me she had "company" yesterday afternoon and I said you did, who? She said " I am not sure" and then I asked her if she let them in the house, and she said, No, they had a key, I guess.... Well, the "company" that visited yesterday afternoon was ME. I brought her some chicken nuggets and fries for dinner around 5PM yesterday, so I asked her if they brought "chicken nuggets and fries"? She said, well, Yes in fact they did... 

I did not now whether to sit in the floor and cry, or sometimes when she "does not know" my as her daughter, I will say, Mom I AM your daughter.... yet it is difficult when I am sitting in the middle of this every day, 7 days a week, and when I am not there for those hours I go, then I worry, maybe I should not leave her, BUT, I am totally drained, exhausted, and my own pain level today is well over any "10" 

I realize my neck and lumbar spine are continuing to get worse, AND all that I am doing is not helping.... BUT she is my MOM, somewhere inside there she is my Mother, and I swore I would always take care of both my parents no matter what... so "Happy Mother's Day" to ALL of the MOM'S, Grandmother's, "Son to be 1st time Mom's" and the many that are "active" in being a Mom in one way or the other... I bid you peace tomorrow, love and hope.... and even when there is just a "shell" of a Mom you once knew, remember SHE is there always in your heart....

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