Saturday, October 15, 2016

#OneLineOneDay - the Lupus Alliance Message so Crucial for ALL of us with Lupus

Today is the day. Join the Lupus Research Alliance and thousands in the lupus community today for One Line, One Day as we spread awareness with a simple message:

Join the Lupus Research Alliance in a unified effort to free the world from lupus through the power of science. #OneLineOneDay

The Lupus Research Alliance believes in the idea of collaboration as the way to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for lupus. Today we ask you to join us in sharing this message. By working together with the entire lupus community, we will accomplish our mission.

One Line One Day is your movement. Share this message with your friends and family through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, email - any way you would like to encourage people to help us to spread the word. Through this simple action, we will increase lupus awareness today and beyond until we reach our mission of finding a cure.

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