Thursday, May 18, 2017

Coconut Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Gluten Free and other "heathier" choices in Desserts

After going through the hip fractures and then the Cervical Neck Surgery plus knowing shortly I will also be probably having Lumbar Surgery, I'm truing to move to Healthier Recipes, Using more Whole Wheat Flour & Coconut Flour. I already use Almod Milk, and do all types of different things, such as using Turkey for my Ground Meat, staying away from red meats, trying  to eat more fish if possible, NEVER using Lard, Shortening, but only Canola Oil, and more lower types or fat free items. Of course, you have to really watch the labels, and me smart about  what the ingredients are now days. Just because something says "Organic" or Lower Fat and Carbs, you will find out some of that is not exactly true. I've tried and also had luck, and had failures especially with Coconut Flour, that only take a small amount BUT LOTS of eggs (I use substitute, or other items to add moisture to it. 

Basic Cake Recipe Above with Whole Wheat Flour

Applesauce Cake Above with Whole Wheat Flour

Cookie Bars

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