Monday, May 22, 2017

Deep Bone Stimulator, Cervical Surgery and Life...

I am asking this because I knew when my Orthopedic Surgeon sent in the request for my neck surgery to my insurance, he had added something about a "deep bone stimulator"... I knew they used them, especially on osteoporosis patients, that have issues with bones not wanting to heal as properly or quickly as some others without the issue. Plus even with osteoarthritis, and like RA using Prednisone, and some of the other medications they use for RA, they can have an effect on bone healing, especially in the thigh and spine. BUT, he said NOTHING to me before the surgery or after. Even when I went in for my 1st recheck after the surgery, not one word was said, although he expressed concern about the bone back in my cervical spine not being much left there to do something with surgically if this didn't work.

Which left myself and my son and daughter concerned. Thus I am in this damned hard collar for these 5 weeks, which last time i only wore about 2 weeks, then wore a soft one, but I also was able to not wear one and could drive especially here locally. Anyway, I got a call from a Rep about a "deep bone stimulator" but it came in on my cell phone, I guess last Thursday or Friday and I never got the voicemail. I've noticed that happening some, not all the time, but at times either the phone does not ring long enough, or I don't find out about a voicemail or even text message for a day or at least a few hours. So this guy I guess works for a company in Plano TX, and was going to be down here last Friday in the area close by, in Waxahachie, and was supposed to try and get down to me, because MY DOCTOR had ordered it and my insurance had approved it... well I knew that it had been approved for a YEAR! I got notice from my insurance company twice in fact 3 times about the surgery and this stimulator being approved by my insurance. Anyway, so I didn't even get the message until yesterday, and called him back and left a message. What did get me, I guess the main company maybe located out of state or something, but the phone number he called from and gave me was way out of state, like on the

 East Coast, but he did say he was located in Plano.... so those kinds of phone calls get confusing. I've had several calls on my cell lately, that are "bogus" or either someone who had the number before gets a call and that has happened a couple of times, but what I thought is they HAVE TO HAVE CALLER ID. I know on my home phone if they don't have caller ID, I have them blocked... anyone legitimate will have a caller ID name... now I know they can get around that now and do by putting something in their that is not their real names, but it burns me up, for one and I am going to let my cell phone company know I am NOT getting my voicemails promptly, and that numbers are coming up "odd" and with no caller ID on them... so when I number comes in from some state that is strange and I do not know anyone from there, I don't answer it or it is usually someone trying to cause problems so I block that number. Fortunately, the guy left a message, so I knew to keep that number, but he had his name on it also. What also gets me though here it is 6 WEEKS, almost 7 since my SURGERY, AND THEY ARE JUST NOW GETTING THIS BONE STIMULATOR ON ME???? I read that should have been done on my 1st FOLLOW UP VISIT, NOT 8 OR 9 WEEKS AFTER SURGERY!!!

 I was so pissed about it, because I hate this damned collar, I am worried as hell and want to do things around the house, but everything I do I feel like I am not sure whether I should or not... even typing on the computer, I am concerned over... I know this doctor is going to get a piece of my mind when I go back in... this is ridiculous to not have something that important with me to use, supposedly 2 hours a day! I am so fed up with the entire thing. I am mad that I have to have this one for the holidays and my daughter and her family are coming, and it is my youngest Grandson's birthday... this will be the FIRST BIRTHDAY I get to celebrate with him since we live so far away from one another... I am so excited about it and we are taking him to the Fort Worth Zoo and in fact I have never been to it, I have the Dallas one, but not the one in Ft. Worth! I hope the weather is decent... I know right now it is not looking all that great for the holiday weekend.... and the Seniors are graduating this Friday also, so I hope they can have it in the football stadium... and they will if the weather holds out.... anyway, life sometimes just irks the heck out of all of us I know...

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