Friday, January 5, 2018

When a very "Special" Opportunity Arrives be sure to take the steps to help someone....

Happy New Year and the beginning of a very COLD 2018 to MOST of the nation!

I had an amazing opportunity this week. One that I never expected to happen, but the way it did, and how it did, brought tears of joy to my eyes.

Many of you know, that I am divorced. Albeit, WE thought we would be "old and rocking" together in a swing on our front porch, for many reasons, some I feel are senseless and we should still be together, but it takes TWO.

Anyway, my ex husband has a daughter. He has not seen or even known where she was for over 30 years. The last time he saw her, she was about 2 years old. He was young, the Mom was young, and it was just not meant to be at the time. But, things happened, that really should never have, and the Mom caused a great harm to a Dad and daughter, that I hope after all these years, that some of those precious days can be gained back.

I got a private message on Facebook in fact on Tuesday. I "immediately" recognized the name. In fact I had helped "search for her" for years, trying to help him get in touch with her. Once she was over 18 years old, he felt she "may" want to know him, or maybe not. But, he definitely wanted a chance for them to find one another, and see how the other felt. All the while recently she had been doing the same, but it never "aligned" until it so happened that "my name" associated with his, and some of my friends on Facebook were her friends also.

I got the message asking me if I was married to this man. I said that "yes" we were married for almost 10 years and together almost 13. But, things changed and he is now back in the Seattle area. Of course I already knew who she was, but I did ask. It still blows me away how people's paths can cross, when you least expect it.

For one, I will admit, he left, and I honestly never understood, WHY, he didn't stay because he still was in love with me, and him I.. yet he battles with thinking that if a couple "has a disagreement" then something is wrong with the relationship. He came from a very "not just broken" but completely "battlefield" of a home, where the Father was an abuser, and the Mother either mentally unstable, or caught up in some really horrid things and people. In fact she died when he was only about 9 years old. His Dad had been dead for 3 YEARS before he found out! Like I said this was a battlefield of a wrecked home.

Here is the main "scoop" to my post.....

I have a wonderful story to tell and this was just incredible for this to happen right at the brand New Year! Someone reached out to me, that thought I "may know" from the searches the person done online. They found my name along with someone's name and reached out to me on private messenger here yesterday. I KNEW immediately who this person was, and that actually who they was looking for had been searching a very long time to find them also.

So, I of course said yes I know them, and yes I can contact them. I told them that they had been searching for a long while and in fact several years ago, I helped someone search for this exact person. So, I made a couple of phone calls, and the two that had not been in contact with one another for something like 30 years almost, "connected" yesterday. Both had been so concerned that the other would not want anything to do with them, but it was just the opposite, they both had been looking for each other. 

So, I got a beautiful message from them yesterday evening, telling me that they were so very appreciative of me finding out and helping to get them together after all these years. It is "close family" so when anyone is searching for a very close family member that they had "lost touch" with and had been searching, hoping and wishing it would someday happen, yesterday that miracle unfolded right in front of me. So, even if "my New Year" sucks, what happened yesterday was the BEST New Years blessing I could ever hope for. I realize all too often now, some get so caught up in their own situation, that they may not take the time and effort to do something like this, but of course it was never in my nature to not reach out and try to help. I am so totally blessed, and I now also "found" another person who I also was wanting to find for a long time also....

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