Saturday, May 29, 2021

Renewal Ways to Celebrate Our Day to Remember those who Protect and did Protect Our Nation!

 As we begin a very different kind of celebration. One that we had to "hope" & pray would happen: I am sure many are still very nervous about not wearing a mask or being out in a larger public place, or all of the other events and things we will do that we have not gotten to do in well over a year.

Like myself, I am sure even just going to a store, if they are leaving the masks "up to the shoppers" I feel you will still see many wearing them. Even those like myself, I have gotten both vaccines so I am good till this "booster" one comes along. 

Which I hav felt all along a BOOSTER would come even quicker than the flu vaccine. We are still NOT WELL by a long shot. Not everyone has full protection if they have not had a vaccine or vaccines if you need 2, and could still either spread it to get it from someone else who maybe ll and not know it. 

Also, our researchers are are a long way from "knowing" for SURE the science behind this vaccine will work, and will will work over and over again. It may only last 3 months, or you need a booster once a month.. or whose to say that whoever "attacked us" I feel someone got it here on purpose won'r turn around & knowingly send something more destructive. So yes we cannot live like the "Bubble Boy" that has NO IMMUNITY and would die within months if he was expose to all of the deadly viruses that are out there. So, we must be smart as to what feel we is best. And we can't trust everything, but "gut-Instinct" to me seems to work fro meA my own health, as to whether to ha a Lumbar surgery or not...some things "like COVID" delayed it but other we me "not being sure, feeling eery" & still waiting before I go allowing even the of best doctors go cutting into my lower back.  Sure enough my decisions to check on something else may be best for now & put off the Lumbar Lower Fusion till a bit later". ONCE HE does that 1ST INCISION THERE IS NO TURNING BACK FROM THERE. If I have further test to see what is really gong on if possible about my bones, the osteoporosis, my right shoulder that I did read they  ted to "wear out" at about 10 YEARS! Which it has been a bit over 10 years... So this is NOT just nervous" HOLDING ME BACK, IT IS some thing telling me to waiting just a bit then have it done. By the way   , THE ORTH DOCTOR TOLD HIS NURSE TO IVE ME THE BACK BRACE TOAKE TAKE HOME FOR THAT LOWER LUMBER SURGERY EVEN THOUGH I WAS STILL A BIT OFF ABOUT IT ALL, SHE GAVE IT TO ME, AND YESTERDAY I GET A BILL FROM 256$ FOR MY CO-INSURANCE  they knew if the hospital did it thy would just have it in their total co-insurance of which mine whole thing is about 352.00 and he knew if he did tit hid way they would collet that high -co-pay which is insane anyway!!~  ROGHT NOW IAM NOT PAYING  DIME ON IT UNTU WE SEE WHAT HAPPENS THE THEY CAN HAVE IT BACK!!A

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