Thursday, May 20, 2021

What Happened to "Do No Harm"? Yet with the Crisis that Chronically Ill Pain Patients are in that is just what is happening

The Crisis Causing Many Chronically Ili Patients Pain much Harm! 

After a visit to my Pain Specialist last week, who has been taking care of me for over 10 years, I GOT an overwhelming feeling things are getting much much worse very quickly. He has always been very honest about ho issues are when it comes to the CDC, etc & Pain meds for Chronic Pa Patients.He was "tight lipped" which was extremely odd, he had suddenly changed the name of his office & the location. He took the word "pain" out of the name of his business & I could tell he was not willing to handle my own chronic pain issues as he has all the years I've been seeing him...WE NEED to GET SERIOUS ON CONGRESS, THE CDC, & ALL ON THIS PEOPLE! I AM READY TAKE A TRIP TO DC & GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS, SIGN PETITIONS, SEND PERSONAL LETTERS, GET HOLD OF OUR LOCAL NEWS CHANNELS! We are in BAD SHAPE if we don't really get on the ball on this issue.

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