Friday, April 28, 2023

DEA Gaslights Pain Patients Over ‘Unwillingness’ to Find Doctors

DEA Gaslights Pain Patients Over ‘Unwillingness’ to Find Doctors

By Pat Anson, PNN Editor

Faced with record high overdoses, a fentanyl crisis, medication shortages and corruption within its own ranks, you’d think the Drug Enforcement Administration would have better things to do than gaslight chronic pain patients.

You’d be wrong.

In a blatant case of victim-blaming, a Department of Justice attorney claims that patients of a California doctor whose license to prescribe opioids was suspended last year by the DEA were not making any effort to find new physicians.

The DEA’s suspension of Dr. David Bockoff effectively shuttered his practice and left 240 patients – including many who suffer from rare and chronic health conditions – scrambling to find new providers and pain medication. ... continued at above link:

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