Saturday, April 8, 2023

Due to Governmental Bull/DEA etc giving grief to pain doctors we legitimate Chronic Pain patients are suffering needlessly!

 This is how severe the osteoarthritis/RA has developed over the past 6 weeks L. hand and now r. thumb has a lump beginning DUE TO THE PAIN DOCTOR MESSING AROUND AND NOT GETTING THE PAIN PUMP SURGERY DONE AT LEAST 5 TO 6 WEEKS AGO, SO I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO TAKE MY LUPUS/RA MEDS WAITING ON SURGERY. I already had been without my Kevzara (biologic for RA) for months due to the antibiotics and bacterial infection on my L. leg... he could have done that surgery weeks ago I was released and clear of infection on Feb 20th.. now he has waited around and I am having a severe Lupus flare been ill all week, & may not be able to have the surgery next Tuesday...BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT BULL WITH PAIN MEDS...AND THE GRIEF THE DOCTORS ARE GETTING AND HAVING TO GIVE PATIENTS ABOUT MEDS... MANY OF US ARE SUFFERING NEEDLESSLY...I HAVE HAD ENOUGH...MORE THAN ENOUGH AND I WANT TO GET TOGETHER AND GET SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THE CRAP ON CAPITOL HILL, DEA ETC KEEPING US LEGITIMATE PAIN CHRONIC PATIENTS FROM GETTING OUR PROPER AND NEEDED TREATMENT. SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU WANT TO GET A PETITION OR SOMETHING DONE ABOUT THIS HORRIBLE MESS WE ARE HAVING TO GO THROUGH!

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