Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Allowing the Weather To Rule Your Joints

Unless you have some type of issues with arthritis, joint injury, surgeries, replacements (yes, even totally replaced joints), you could not possibly comprehend what is meant by the title of this post. But, if you are between the ages of a year old (or at least where you are old enough to convey you are in pain) to over 100 years old, and have any type of arthritic illness, from osteoarthritis, to RA, gout, other illnesses such as Lupus, FM, CFS, and dozens of others, to have your joints hurt and ache so badly you could cry when the weather raises its ugly to head to roar, you just cannot fathom what it is like.

At this very moment, myself, and I am sure many more in my type of situation are suffering horribly with joint pains. From a mild ache, to almost a bone crushing stabbing pain, joints can leave you feeling horrid and not able to move at times. Weather changes, such as humidity (which for many is the worst), dramatic barometric changes. I do and try everything to get relief. I take loads of BC powders, well the maximum dosage I am allowed, to rubbing them, massaging, them, running hot water over them, rubbing different NSAID creams on me, taking extra strong pain medication that is also given to me by my physician for times such as these.

We, and as I really speak of me, do not want to feel like a whiner, or griper. But, the amount of pain chronic pain from joints can cause can reek havoc over a personal daily routine. I have always said I can tell the weather, especially when we have a drastic change ahead, like a thunderstorm, or very high humidity, I can, as well as just about anyone with joint issues will tell you what is going on with out even seeing the weather people on television. At times it may come on several days before we even have the new "cold" snap, or the depending on the barometric pressure changes, and especially rise in humidity brings on such severe pain and acutely. Like this past two days, I had been fine one moment, and within 15 minutes, I was hurting as if I did not have a pain pump, nor any medication what so ever in me. My body almost burned at every joint. You name it, especially the smaller joints, but even those that have had replacements, such as my knees will keep in me horrible pain. It comes on as I said above, 24 to 48 hours BEFORE the weather actually starts to change. Then by the time we are seeing the changes, I am usually in a world of hurt. Then it begins to level out as the weather levels out, even in a storm, as the pressures stabilize and the humidity, even high stays stabilize the pain leaves about as quickly as it came on. There are times I am left very tired, exhausted and fatigued in all ways, from mental to physical. I recover quickly, and within a day or so of the weather make itself even out, I feel "back to normal" whatever that is for me again. But, during those few days, it is sheer agony. Whether I sit, lay, stand, exercise or not, nothing will make a difference but Mother Nature herself putting things back in their normal order.

Not so long ago, doctors that "weather" and what people said about pain, aches in joints, doctors put off as a bunch of "bunk". I can recall telling my physicians years ago, as soon as the weather was going to have a very severe change, in pressure, humidity and so forth, I would hurt much more. Those are the times my migraines would be at their worst. Yet, up until the past 5 years or so, many doctors would "admit" it was "true" in many of their patients, the medical world did not recognize it as even being a symptom to assist in diagnosing some of these Rheumatic and Joint type of illnesses.

I never did get to complete this posting yesterday on Tuesday the 8th. I got some things done, such as I did get my kitchen curtains down, along with some other placements and so forth that needed to be laundered and did those things. I managed to literally force myself to "do something" and also rode my exercise bike for 40 minutes, so I would feel mentally like I had accomplished something the the day. Even though the intense pain, which does put me on my butt on the sofa also. Don't get me wrong, I do not claim to be some "super human" woman that can withstand it all, and keep right on ticking. I can also be one on the sofa for a few days, doing not much of anything but watching movies with the puppies. I try to avoid those times, and at least accomplish one or two tasks on my list. Emotionally it takes away some of the "guilty" feeling that just takes a bite out of my psyche, making me feel "less than" or worthless during those times I am "out of order" so to speak with a flare or whatever maybe causing some of the physically ailments that come on.

I am in the process of writing a blog posting about other illnesses, like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, both know better as FM & CFS more than likely. Since I am not having a very good last two days, not being sure if I have contracted this bad flu going around, or if I am in the middle of a really bad flare from the Lupus, I will close this for now. I shall try and complete the post and get it up tomorrow. I realize many maybe here suffering from these illnesses alone or in combination with some of the AI illnesses. Since I also began this journey within all of my own plight of doctors, tests, medications, and symptoms at that time. they thought I had both or at least one of those also. Yet, now they see that my health issues are more than likely not related to FM/CE or CFS, but the Lupus and so forth. Yet, with so many that are going through the many tests, doctors, and trying all types of different therapies and medications to help them, I feel I need to include in my blog activity. More to come... take care and stay well. This flu situation is not sounding good at all... Rhia

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