Saturday, January 26, 2013

Battling The "Wolf" - Slaying the Symptoms & Fighting the Good Fight of Life

This morning, as many, I am torn. Torn between this... and that. Torn between working on my poetry book (Tattered Musings) The 2nd one I want to have ready to publish in a couple of months, and my book "Reaching Beyond". I am torn between being here to write, and make sure I keep in touch with my fans, which of course I am not sure even how many read my blog. I donn't have many that post, thus I really can't guess at the amount of those that actually follow along. I have quite a few followers on Facebook, and they certainly know about my blog, but whether they take time to come here to read what I have written is not something I usually think about.
I don't get all wrapped up in numbers, and I am certainly not standing in the vanity of worry that I need more people here to read, or I am not famous, or I am not reaching out to enough of an audience. As one of the partial old sayings go, "Write, and They Shall Come".
As one of my own sayings goes, "Do NOTHING, and NOTHING gets done". So, rather than sit around worrying, because sitting around worrying, also GETS nothing done! If I have learned anything from life in my 5 decades plus a couple of years here, worry gets you no where. I told my Mom just this week that I could help her figure out if all that she worries about is worth it or not.
I said "Mom, if you pick something you are concerned about or really sitting around worrying about, say to yourself, Is there anything I can do, to "fix" the issue? If you can't do one thing to fix what you are so worried about, then it is absolutely futile to make yourself ill over being so overly concerned. As I told her for example, I could sit around and "worry" as often she does about my "illness". I could make myself even more ill by constantly stressing over it. Where would that get me? I cannot "fix" what is wrong with me. I can "do" the things I am supposed to, like take my medications, watch my diet, exercise, take care of myself, etc. BUT me being so concerned that I literally am that frightened about it, does nothing. I cannot make Lupus or RA go away. I cannot do anymore than what I am doing for now. Thus to worry does nothing, but waste time. energy, and puts undue stress on me that could make me more ill. I could worry about whether a car will run over me tomorrow, or that Jupiter will fall out of the sky, or that the stock market will crash next month, and the what ifs' can build on forever into an eternity.
Maybe life comes full circle with "worry" like other things do. We come full circle from being a child, to a young adult, to an adult, to elderly, and then many of us come back to almost a "child-like" stage as we get to be very elderly. We get stubborn and bull headed, we become at a stage that we decide not to eat certain things, or throw "temper tantrums", or just turn back to the things we did as children. So, life as that goes comes so often full circle. So, it seems worry and concern does also. When we are children and young, we have no worries. We are not concerned about anything. We live in this absolute faith that life is life, it is beautiful, nothing goes wrong, and it will be fixed by Mom and Dad if it does. Then we become teenagers, and worry kind of sets in. Worry about prom-dresses, and the cheerleader squad. Worry about dating, and whether a certain person would like to go out with us. Worry about getting our driver's license or our first car. Then onto worry about larger things such as finishing our education, what we want to do with our lives, and higher education, such as what college we want to go to. Then we get into college, and all too often, rather than get more "concerned", we tend to go into this place of "party". We are out of Mom's and Dad's sight. We are "on our own" and "grown" (or so we think). We tend to let our guards down on the worrying part of life, and just enjoy our "youth" again. We wax and wane throughout our lives in the realms of being overly concerned, down right worried, and almost out of control with the insanity of "fixing" everything. So, as time comes to graduate, and get a job, here comes the worry train again. All too often we climb on board it, and here we go. We are worried about the biggest home we can get to impress everyone, whether we have the latest car, the best design in furniture, clothing, shoes, and the best manicured finger nails, toe nails and lawn! Then comes a few years of dating, and we may again let our guard down, enjoy that last few years of "freedom", date as we want, spend too much money, and then that "right" person appears out of the blue, clear sky, and Voila', we are worrying about the PERFECT WEDDING, the perfect Honeymoon, and a better job, a larger home, because kids shall be on their way soon. Some of us I have noticed have chosen to wait longer with marriage and kids. For many of us we do establish a job, get a home, have our "dream" car, etc. and wait until even our 30's before we "settle in and settle down" with a partner for life. We have kids later now, rather than in our early twenties. Which depending on your personal preference and situation can work out either way. Personally, I am happy I chose to have my kids earlier in life. It seems I can relate to them better now that they are young adults. We seem to be closer in many ways, since the "age" gap is not so far away. Since this world changes so quickly now, the longer you wait the more it has changed, and it seems the further that generation gap gets between your kids and you. I saw that with my on Dad, who was in his mid-thirties when I was born. Things in life has changed so much, from him seeing a portion o the depression, and women never working, to when I was a young adult women go to college, work, and juggle family, a marriage and a household all at the same time. He never understood that. He never "got" why I wanted to go to college. He never understood many of the things I wanted to do or did in my adult life. But, we were from almost two different planets because his life was so totally different than the time that I was born and growing up.
So, then we worry through our middle aged years about jobs, finances, homes, cars, bills, feeding kids, putting them through college, retirement funds, income taxes, and you name it. We concern ourselves with all kinds of things we "can" d something about, and then there are all the others that we still worry about, and honestly there is not one thing we can do about it. We cannot stop the sun from falling out of the sky. We cannot overly concern ourselves about our grown children. That is a huge one for me. Once my kids we "adults", and chose to live not with me, and they were of age, then even though I do of course want them to be happy and safe, and well etc., I am NOT going to worry every day whether they are going to drink a beer, or get a tattoo, or fall in the yard, or raise their own kids right! I can give them advice, if they want it. I can pray that they have the guidance they need from the Lord above, but me worrying a bout foolish things like whether they need that new car, or need to go on a 2 week vacation, or whether they change jobs, and so forth, there are a million things that I just cannot do one thing about, so why worry?
Then we begin to get to that "half-century" mark. Either we are married or alone, widowed or divorced, or happily still married to the love of our life. Which ever it is, we begin to have "concerns". We are concerned about bills, retirement , money, and health. We start to have new aches and pains, our bones creak, we may have some minor health issues like high blood pressure pop up, so then we begin to be overly worried about health matters. Believe me, if you watch day time television like my Mom does, hell they will have you in the grave by the time you are 55 with all they can find to say is wrong. Or they say they can "cure" you from every thing that is wrong with you, by a few drops of some "liquid" miracle medication.The ones that really drive me nuts are all of these "1 minute miracle" cures, that can take an "80 year old elderly lady" and make here look 40 years old in a minute. Wow, reckon how many women and men have jumped on that bandwagon and spent a small fortune on the stuff? You can bet one in about 4 that see the ads, will pay those 4 payments of only $24.95 to find out that is absolutely see that there is NO WAY, no how. Don't get me wrong, I do believe if you begin at an early age, taking good care of your skin, keeping it up through the years, then yes I think you certainly can have a much younger looking, more youthful appearance as far as skin goes. Eating right, hydrating right, staying out of the sun without protection, all of those things add up to usually a more youthful appearance. BUT thinking some miracle ointment you buy and use after using it once or twice, yet not taking care of your self the entire time of your earlier life, you are nuts if you feel any of those treatments really work.
We are thrown into all of these things from news, to magazines, to TV "tele-mericals, or "info-mericials", whatever you may want to call them, on everything from "soup to nuts" as the old saying goes. So, once again, somewhere, somehow, some stranger, gets into our "door" and into our "heads" making us even more stressed out about appearance, about health, and about all of the health and body issues each and every person on this Earth knows that someday, we are going to age, we are going to wear out some of our parts, and either have them replaced, put up with them aching and hurting, or pray something new and less invasive comes along the lines of being better, quicker and easier for us to be less pain free, have less aches, or worn out joints, and find a way to make our older lives more comfortable to live with.
So, is the "journey" from birth, to toddler, to young child, to preteen and teen. Then comes young adult, adult, middle age, older age, elderly, and to me, now even more than "elderly", that age that is beyond those elderly years more often now, when other things such as Alzheimer's, dementia, or a combination of those hit us, and we maybe in many ways still productive, but we go past that to almost as I said in the beginning of this "child like".... coming full circle. from the first moment we take a breath... until that very last moment, we take that very final breath...As I look back at my younger years, and great memories, I also have fond memories of my current life, and I am so glad that even though I suffer much chronic illness and pain, I have and am blessed with many fond happenings, people and memories throughout my life times.
I look forward to the years ahead and pray the "foggy" portions of the Lupus hold off so I can continue to write, which is the number 1 thing I love to do.

So, as you contemplate over your life, memories, and times to make new ones as they come,  I pray you also find many realms of happiness, strength, joy, and the omnipresence of what true life, without real fear is all about.

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