Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pieces of Me

As I wrote this, and it is really for my upcoming 2nd Poetry and Prose book, I had promised myself not to start "sharing" my work here or on FB, that I am going to put into the book. I don't want to get started doing that, then everyone will know well before the book, what is inside of it. LOL, stupid thing for a writer to do, especially if I want to sell even ONE book! Of course it is NOT about the sales, but being able to "touch" my readers and bring them to a place they can feel.... it all! So, here it is,

Pieces of Me

Pieces of me linger today, in the basking essence of the beauty of rays of sunlight upon my skin. There is a glow surrounding me today, I observe the pieces of my heart, pulling together, and becoming whole...I have kept pieces of me hidden away, locked behind a closed door, for fear of being exposed again, raw and naked to love's call. Yet, I often "hear" it and try not to "fear" it, for I know the passions that lie within and without. I seem to be in another realm, spaces in between, life and love...the shades of grey, that only lover's know...fill and outpour over me. I find myself, longing just once more to give of my heart, and wonder where the path shall lead? Do I dare explain my soul, do I dare expose the unbridled passions, and take the plunge as before? ‘Tis always been my nature, to dive into the rushing rapture; falling head first off the cliff, to allow my love to be in full view. Yet I held those pieces back...this time, trying to find a new way, trying to be more cautious, trying to allow it all to just happen; yet I throw caution to the wind. I have jumped off a final time, to take the chance...of life's dance.
Passion, and pain, eroticism, and ecstasy, glory, and honor! All surrounding me, and I linger today. I feel the pieces of me come together, where heart's bind, bodies intertwine. I know that fall far too well!

I feel it rush through my veins!
Plunge into the passionate realms....
Allow your spirit to be set free,
No chains, yet velveteen binds....
Experience a heart as no other,
Sustained by the glow....
To know of the heart, is to know wisdom and grace.
I find that you are a sweet addiction,
One quick shot throughout my veins!
This is where your will shall reign,
In the deepest pit within my heart.
I stand "fearless" in this fall,
I succumb to where we "mesh;
heart, mind, body and spirit.
A temptation too great,
I could not withstand the heeds of warning from my heart,
So I just allow it all to unfold.
Unveil itself in front of my eyes, and then there I will embrace the passion!
I have given over to holding back; to resound, to resonate. In all of your stupendous charms, my heart is of yours for the taking....
Carry it gently.                            

Rhia Steele  copyright 1/2013

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