Thursday, July 18, 2013

I Just Cannot Fathom these number of Pain Prescriptions being written and used when a "true pain patient" must almost "give blood" to get a script!!!

This just blows my mind still. I posted it on FB, but Iam still reeling from the numbers they claim of scripts that are NOT for true and legitimate chronic pain patients! As I say below, my gosh it takes an army for me to get my medication, or it did, until I got my pain pump put in. I had to follow very strict guidelines from my pain dr and I saw him frequently, if I wanted him to help me try and be at least half way able to not be insane with pain. As I said, so many pain specialists will NOT see you for "cash"and if they do they charge an astronomical fee and then these medications are EXPENSIVE! One script can be well over $600.00 even generic! So, how would anyone be able to afford the visit and the pills? Insurance sure as hell will NOT pay for ay more than one visit, and you sure are not going to get by with legitimate insurance going to more than one doctor that gives you these meds. Then most pharmacies look at you like you are an ADDICT even if they know you very well. Even afer using the same pharmacy for many, many years and they know ALL of my health issues, they would be extremely leery for me to come in with more than one script such as this, unless it was something dire like a surgery etc. Even then I think they would question it. And I think WG, CVS, and many of the pharmacies even here in this small town keep "dibs" by checking up if they suspect someone is using more than one of them and it is for pain meds for cash... This just seems crazy to me.... I still think this is some kind of "conspiracy" from the government or some lobbyists or something to make it almost impossible for "REAL chronically ill patients to live a life with some quality"!!!!! The seem to enjoy making it almost impossible for us to get ANY meds not just pain meds!!! Hell I had to beg, borrow and go through hell to get the medication to make my mouth moistened since the Sjogren's is rotting my teeth away! The insurance denied one of the meds, and I had to go research my insurance and what they "would" pay for, then ask my doctor to please call that in instead, because the insurance did not want to pay for the other one!!! It took me two hours or more to find out what they would pay for, then I had to disturb y doctor again due to the insurance being stupid!!! And literally even though I have been doing everything I can to keep my teeth and mouth healthy, I still have at least two teeth they probably have to be pulled due to them just falling apart and several others that hopefully they can "patch" and keep together for now!!!

I tell you it is lunacy! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION!!!!!
I just read an article about people on pain meds "doctor shopping" to get pain pills to sell. What I CANNOT figure out is HOW THEY AFFORD TO GO TO THAT MANY DOCTORS??? You can't file insurance for all of those scripts. The pills are ULTRA EXPENSIVE, so how do they afford to fill as many scripts as they are saying they do??? I have to pull teeth to just get ONE script actually filled out by a doctor and then a pharmacy to fill it. In fact my Pain dr. will ONLY allow you to get a monthly script from a specialist pharmacy and he will only do it there, and they have to mail mine to me from Dallas. I never see the script. He fills them out, that pharmacy picks them up fills them and then they mail mine since I am 40 plus miles away! I know HOW EXPENSIVE these meds are!!! I also know "real" and Legitimate pain doctors will NOT even see "cash" patients many times. And if they do, you jump through many hoops to ever get a script. One visit with mine if you were to pay cash and not have insurance is 300.00!!!! Then any of these meds are 600.00 plus a month!!! So, how they hell does this happen as much as they claim??? I think they have "off" numbers or they exaggerate this! Read this article and see what you think!????

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