Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It is Just Crazier every day with Insurance, Medicare and the Government!

I appreciate all of you signing the petition! :) Thank you so much! I just read another extremely disturbing article in our own Local Paper. Our CITY employees are having to bear a 23.6 PERCENT INSURANCE PREMIUM INCREASE NEXT YEAR!!! This is also due to the AFFORDABLE ARE ACT!!! How can the government call it AFFORDABLE" when we are going to GO BROKE paying for it??? And our doctors are going broke because THEY are not getting paid!???? The premiums here in town for our city employees are going up $50,000.0!!!  MONTH!!!! Not a year folks!! A MONTH! Their deductibles are going to be 1,500.00 for an individual and 3,000.00 for a family!!! This is insanity!!!! I need to let people know it is NOT JUST MEDICARE people it is ALL of us with families and our own selves to INSURE!!! I almost passed out when I saw this article! First of all, our community WANTS to support our employees. YET, we also NEED to balance our own budget! I have to say our town does a wonderful job at that. Even after the tornado disaster, and I know that is going to hit hard too, I know our towns people will make sure our budget is on track. but, to have to pay out of pocket over 50,000.0 MORE a MONTH to hell insurance our employees, then they pay premiums along with having to endure deductibles that high... PEOPLE WE HAVE TI STAND UP AND SAY THIS!!! IS !!!!!! ENOUGH!!! NO LONGER can we continue to sit and allow the government and the insurance companies to ROB US BLIND all the while WE DO NOT benefit from all that comes out of our pockets! I URGE AND BEG ALL of YOU TO SIGN THIS PETITION! IT IS NOT JUST FOR MEDICARE PEOPLE But for EVERYONE who pays premiums, doctor bills, and has to endure going broke if you "get broken"... they do NOT care if you are ill, many of them think well, we will let you die! Honestly, that is how I think many of them feel on Capitol Hill. So, if you want make another petition!!! Get on the band wagon if you are seeing ridiculous premiums and no paying of your doctors! My husband came in from the doctor today!!! HE has NO INSURANCE! So we PAY CASH! AN OFFICE VISIT EVERY TWO MONTHS for him to sit down, our doctor walk in, ask him, well how is the pain? Jim tells him< "the same". The take his vitals and send him on his way for what is now 125.00 OFFICE VISIT!! FOR ABSOLUTELY 2 minutes! But, due to the insurance companies and Medicare NOT paying, the doctors have to price gouge those that pay cash! And they know WE CANNOT AFFORD IT! IF I did not get Jim's meds for either free online or here at the 5.00 pharmacy on the others, there is NO way we could get his medications! And if we had to pay for MINE!!!! I can say that many of mine are anywhere from 300.00 to 1,300.00 a MONTH!!! And I have about twelve plus all of the over the counter stuff we buy, Nose Strips, Tums, Allergy meds, all kind of Vitamins, and we added the B-12 to the list today, which is high if it is the sublingual one! Then you have aspirin, Aleve, Advil and even in generic it is still expensive when you add it all up. The over the counter stuff is just as expensive as the scripts! So, basically WE are SCREWED and TATTOOED any way you take it!
what happened to the days of bartering a chicken for a doctor to COME TO YOUR HOME AND SEE YOU??? They would pass out if they thought they would have to make a "house visit"! But, you really can't blame them, they have to CHARGE LIKE HELL TO GET ANY MONEY IN RETURN! ALL OF IT IS NUTS!!!! INSANITY!!!!

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