Monday, January 13, 2014

DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! Even for the weary and broken hearted!!! This is HUGE NEWS!!!!!

OKAY!!!!!!!!THIS is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! About 3 weeks ago I got an email from the organization. It was for a "grant application" to go to the get a complete GRANT AWARD to go to the 2014 Arthritis Foundation's Advocacy Summit in Washington D.C. in March... ALL EXPENSES PAID!!! Well, of course I figured I would never hear back, and about 10 minutes ago I received an email from a lady there and I AM GOING TO WASHINGTON D.C. IN MARCH TO BE THERE AT THE SUMMIT...ALL EXPENSES PAID!!!!!! PMG!!!! MY OTHER DREAM to stand on the "White House Steps" and "tell my story" is NOW A DREAM COME TRUE!!!!!!! I have read the email 5 times and I still cannot believe my eyes!!!!! This is so huge words again cannot express how  many emotions and feelings are with me right now!!!!!! It will be March 24th through the 26th!!!!  I've got to respond and of course it is YES!!!!! I am not sure exactly what I said in that lengthy grant application but SOMEONE IS LOOKING OUT for me now!!!!!! Lord, I can't even type!!!!!!   Rhia



I will give more details tomorrow when I am still SHOCKED, BUT a bit back down to "Earth"!!!!! I have to say, and I do not want at all to sound conceited, BUT HONESTLY I am PROUD of myself, and I feel I truly deserve this opportunity to SPEAK OUT for ALL of us suffering from these diseases!!! Diseases that more often than NOT RUIN Our Quality of Life!!! Believe me, if the Lord does let me get there, every thing I do and say will represent ALL of US!!!!!!   

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