Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WEGO Health Activist Awards - International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis - A Winning Team!!!!

Truly We are a Winning Team! I am incredibly overwhelmed that I can be a part of this "voice" for Patients with Autoimmune Arthritis!!!!

Below are the words from Tiffany Westrich Robertson, Founder and CEO of IFAA!!! 

With the 2013 WEGO Health Advocacy Awards right around the corner, we are SO PROUD to announce that collectively IFAA and some of our own Active Volunteers-who also perform their own advocacy efforts in the community-have SEVENTEEN NOMINATIONS in a variety of categories!

Some of our AMAZING Volunteers who are recognized for their work outside of IFAA are:

Wendy Koski, with her Friends and Family of Autoimmune Diseases Facebook Group is up for Best in Show Community/Forum, Facebook Page, AND Google +

Lorna Krump, blogger who writes Life with RA is a Pain, has been nominated for Best in Show-Blog, Best Kept Secret, Rookie of the Year, AND Healthcare Hero. Lorna also helps run our IFAA Blog Leader program.

Rhia Steele, recognized for her blog, An Autoimmune Arthritic Systemic Life

Therese Freeman Humphrey for her dedication to advocacy through Twitter and Anthony, "our first boy", for his work advocating via Facebook.

Co-Founder, Amanda John, nominated for Best in Show: Blog for All Flared Up!

And for their work WITH IFAA:
Co-Founder, Kelly Conway, & Co-Founder/CEO, Tiffany Westrich, both also up for Health Hero

and Co-Founder Tami Brown has the nod for Health Hero, Advocating for Another, & Best Kept Secret

We even have a current volunteer-in-training, Rheumagram Melissa for her work with a nomination for Best in Show: Community/Forum

IFAA as an organization is up for Best in Show: Community, an award nomination earned collectively for ALL 40+ active volunteers (those who donate on average 30 minutes a week) and additional dozen+ general volunteers (who have donated their time at some point through the year). We are a TEAM, a FAMILY, and yes, we believe BEST IN SHOW: COMMUNITY, whether we win or not 

Volunteers who are nominated outside of IFAA, we are so very proud of you!!! Way to go!

Thank you Tiffany!!! We would not be here if it were not for a young woman, a "diagnosis" FINALLY after a time of not knowing what was wrong, and the "idea" that came from a few pieces of leather, a belt buckle, a few colored beads, and some silver wire! She knew she had to find a way to get an earlier diagnosis, for earlier treatments, and to STOP so much damage BEFORE it was too late. The "Buckle Me Up" program came alive! And here just a couple of years later, this her ALL of her accomplishments unfolding!!! 

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