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Thursday, October 2, 2014

WAAD 2014 (World Autoimmune ARthritis Day) October 12th!!!!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! Be sure to get the word out about World Arthritis Day 2014! We need to get everyone on board when it comes to these horrendous diseases. I have read and told about 4 or 5 "new" ideas on Lupus, RA, Sjogren's, and other autoimmune illnesses (arthritic and regular autoimmune)... and I am delving into a very interesting one that I talked with all of all people, a friend and my doggie's doctor just yesterday. I mentioned it in my post from early this morning. Once I have enough information on the situation, I will certainly post some links, probably on my blog and then I will make sure a link is here also. Some of us maybe "ill" from something our physicians nor us may have ever given thought to.... and the idea that my "vet" may have the answers to so many unanswered questions on my health problems, would be just awesome to me... you never know until you dig around, ask questions, and delve into sometimes what seems like may not make sense... with AI illnesses NOTHING makes sense... Stay tuned!!!!!

Did you know that October 12th is World Arthritis Day? On World Arthritis Day, people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal disorders from around the world join together to make their voices heard. You can be involved! Learn more about World Arthritis Day and its hosts, Eular - European League Against Rheumatism, here:!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Announcing the 4th Annual World AutoImmune Arthritis Day! Come Join Us!


“World Autoimmune Arthritis Day is coming May 20th, pre-registration opens TODAY- Get excited and join the Global Virtual Wave by sharing this post!” 

To be part of the wave all you have to do is “share” this post.

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day
Theme: A Day in the Life of an Autoimmune Arthritis Patient

This Global Virtual Wave marks the official OPENING OF World Autoimmune Arthritis Day 2014 (WAAD14) Registration as we start the countdown to May 20th.

WAAD14 celebrates May 20th in EVERY time zone in the world, so the online Virtual Convention “opens” its’ virtual doors at 6am ET/USA on May 19th and runs for 47 continuous hours, closing on May 21st 5am ET/USA. You can visit dozens of virtual booths hosted by organizations around the world, tune in to live Chats by scientists, patient advocates and more, send supporters to the Day in the Life of an World Autoimmune Arthritis Day Patient feature booth, learn about all the latest research and download 1,000's of resources right to your home computer!!!

So let's start the wave and get pre-registered for the event. Those who pre-register get a complimentary WAAD14 limited edition bag (ships internationally). Pre-registration cost to attend is $5.00 USD and $7.00 USD after the event begins at 6am ET/USA May 19th. 100% of the proceeds are used to put on the event.

Learn more about WAAD14:


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day!!!

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day

Are YOU ready for World Autoimmune Arthritis Day 2014? WE ARE!Tomorrow we will launch a GLOBAL VIRTUAL WAVE to kick off the official registration, so make sure to join us and dozens of other organizations as we ignite the world in excitement about the countdown to May 20th!But first, the "Best of the Best" 2014 Nominations are OPEN! Please use this link to nominate the Best Bloggers, Support Groups, and Rheumatologists around the world. All nominees will be posted as resources for WAAD14.To learn more about WAAD14 and to nominate someone, visit:

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WEGO Health Activist Awards - International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis - A Winning Team!!!!

Truly We are a Winning Team! I am incredibly overwhelmed that I can be a part of this "voice" for Patients with Autoimmune Arthritis!!!!

Below are the words from Tiffany Westrich Robertson, Founder and CEO of IFAA!!! 

With the 2013 WEGO Health Advocacy Awards right around the corner, we are SO PROUD to announce that collectively IFAA and some of our own Active Volunteers-who also perform their own advocacy efforts in the community-have SEVENTEEN NOMINATIONS in a variety of categories!

Some of our AMAZING Volunteers who are recognized for their work outside of IFAA are:

Wendy Koski, with her Friends and Family of Autoimmune Diseases Facebook Group is up for Best in Show Community/Forum, Facebook Page, AND Google +

Lorna Krump, blogger who writes Life with RA is a Pain, has been nominated for Best in Show-Blog, Best Kept Secret, Rookie of the Year, AND Healthcare Hero. Lorna also helps run our IFAA Blog Leader program.

Rhia Steele, recognized for her blog, An Autoimmune Arthritic Systemic Life

Therese Freeman Humphrey for her dedication to advocacy through Twitter and Anthony, "our first boy", for his work advocating via Facebook.

Co-Founder, Amanda John, nominated for Best in Show: Blog for All Flared Up!

And for their work WITH IFAA:
Co-Founder, Kelly Conway, & Co-Founder/CEO, Tiffany Westrich, both also up for Health Hero

and Co-Founder Tami Brown has the nod for Health Hero, Advocating for Another, & Best Kept Secret

We even have a current volunteer-in-training, Rheumagram Melissa for her work with a nomination for Best in Show: Community/Forum

IFAA as an organization is up for Best in Show: Community, an award nomination earned collectively for ALL 40+ active volunteers (those who donate on average 30 minutes a week) and additional dozen+ general volunteers (who have donated their time at some point through the year). We are a TEAM, a FAMILY, and yes, we believe BEST IN SHOW: COMMUNITY, whether we win or not 

Volunteers who are nominated outside of IFAA, we are so very proud of you!!! Way to go!

Thank you Tiffany!!! We would not be here if it were not for a young woman, a "diagnosis" FINALLY after a time of not knowing what was wrong, and the "idea" that came from a few pieces of leather, a belt buckle, a few colored beads, and some silver wire! She knew she had to find a way to get an earlier diagnosis, for earlier treatments, and to STOP so much damage BEFORE it was too late. The "Buckle Me Up" program came alive! And here just a couple of years later, this her ALL of her accomplishments unfolding!!! 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hope to be "Hopping" for All Things Autoimmune Arthritic for 2014!!!

Time!!!  Time!!!! TIME!!! To Make Things happen in the World of Autoimmune Arthritic Illnesses and for all of the things I so believe in!

Wow! Yes, I say, "WOW"!!! First of all it is just almost impossible that 2013 has "flown the coop" and brought in a brand new year! I am always saying that it just seems like life is flying by too quickly! I blame it on everything from "getting older", to "being slower", to "wearing out earlier than I used to before I finish something", to I honestly think that "time has began to slow down"!

In all honesty, I feel it is ALL of those above and then some. Age as I have found out does several things to you. Most of us it does much more than we even want to admit to. Yet, I am talking more about what it does to our "time". Let's face it, I am not sure about you, but, I do KNOW I am "slower" at getting some things done. It takes me twice as long to get dressed and ready to go somewhere. Usually it is more when I am "dressing" to go some place special. Such as to the Casino, out to dinner, a movie, or anything "special". From the time it takes me for a shower, then to dry my hair, make up my mind "what to wear", and probably change my mind at least 3 times, to makeup, shoes, and the jewelry. Now I must say, that "men" in general have it quite a bit less to do, in order to go somewhere, even if it is a special occasion. Their concerns usually are not "what shirt", or what pants to wear. Men never have to wonder, well does this chain go with this belt, and you know the story.  One thing for being male, is that in the normal sense of things, you guys have it much simpler as far as clothing and going out somewhere.

Then it is cleaning my home, doing laundry, and everything that entails. It has not been that long ago, I could on a Saturday morning, clean my ENTIRE house, and I mean top to bottom, dress, go the the market, and pick up everything else I needed to do or errands to run. I was home before I knew it, had that all put away, out to the yard where I could mow, and have all of my lawn looking great by mid-afternoon. When I was taking college classes at night and working, I could then sit down, do my "homework" which was usually 2 to 3 hours at least to complete, and by then either be cooking dinner or usually headed for the shower, to get ready to go out dancing, to dinner, friends, or whatever our plans were for the Saturday night. Now this was all done in the SAME SATURDAY! Stay out until midnight, sometimes catch a "early breakfast", go home, maybe sleep or rest a few hours, and it was off again, with either errands, to church, out to exercise, or whatever that Sunday afternoon brought. Then it was late Sunday, time to get everyone ready for the week that followed, and off we were on Monday mornings, kids to school, me to work usually at least a 20 mile one way drive, classes at night at least 3 nights a week, and that was in between everything else that was happening with the kids.

Honestly, I am already exhausted just typing that paragraph, much less thinking about "how the heck" did I GET IT ALL DONE??? I did, so thus "age" does have to be a factor. What I have also noticed, it is not just "me" that is slower, it seems we have "more to do" than before. I don't recall having to spend as much time at the market, as I do now. Between coupons, looking for the best deals, and just all of the lists of things to do, it took time. But, I also washed my car every Saturday, went shopping sometimes, other than house hold items, and still it seems "time" was more prevalent then.

Now I think "we" as a "society" have put WAY too much emphasis on "stuff" that takes up our time, rather than allowing "us" to use our time more wisely. You would also think with this day and age of computers, knowledge at our fingertips, being able to pay bills from home, buy from home, you practically NEVER have to LEAVE HOME if you have a way to get your market to deliver! Yet, in the scheme of things, I see that COMPUTERS can often be the "demise" of time. What happens when you are "checking out" and the "computer" goes down??? Well, there is no longer a way for most places of business to check you out "manually". Some of the checkers would not even be able to figure the sales tax, or heck give the correct change! Lord forbid, them have to "key" anything into a calculator and add it up! I know you have seen the same thing all too much. Certain things in this age of fast moving technology has made certain things extremely fast. But, "faster" isn't always "better".

Then we are stressed out it seems all the times. I feel (and I know I am chronically ill) that so many of us spend more time in the doctor's offices than we ever done. I used to never be in the doctor's office every month! Even my kids, they were not ill all the time. If they had a runny nose, or an ear ache, they took over the counter medications, rested a day, and went on their way. Now, each time we take a breath, they have a new medication for us to try.

We are bombarded with OVERLOAD, when it comes to our senses!!! We are shown so many THINGS, that we MUST have, or life would just not be worth it without them. I've "pared" down some of the "stuff" over the years that is just that.... stuff! Stuff that takes more time to dust, to find a place for, to throw away once it has sat for years and collected dust. I did not NEED an ENTIRE walk in CLOSET FULL OF SHOES! I love shoes; always have! When I worked, I had some nice shoes, and clothes of course. BUT, I did NOT need to buy a new dress, blouse, skirt, and shoes every time there was a "sale". That is another thing what is up with this SALE stuff???

By the time Summer was winding down a bit, and it was "school" clothes time and supplies, there are the Halloween decorations! This is in August! Well, as they push those out the door, here comes Thanksgiving, which is basically skipped over and Christmas decor comes out the first part of November, if not earlier. And just this week, as I watched in total amazement, our stores here locally, were putting VALENTINE candy out BY THE after CHRISTMAS sale, the DAY AFTER Christmas!  Now unless I am mistaken they "missed" New Years there; plus Valentine's is in "mid-February"!!! I know because my birthday is the 15th of February! Well you can bet, Easter, Memorial Day, and St. Patty's will be all rolled up and tossed out before "spring" has sprung!!!

So, yes, my chronic "illnesses" and my age, have made me slower. I admit it all the time. I no longer can keep up the schedule I used to. And frankly, I don't want to. Yet, Lord where is there any "spare" down time now? My kids are grown and gone, it is just myself, Jim and the two dogs, I am home, he works from home, our house is tiny, we can't possibly eat that much, and for the life of me, I can't figure out where time goes.

I am up at 3am, and by 10am, I feel like nothing has been accomplished! My brain fog does not help, I do have to help Mom quite a bit, and we do live in a much "faster" paced world than just 15 years ago.

We are SPOILED to IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION!!! Fast food, drive thru pharmacies, and doctors in some places, faster cars, television without commercials, you name it, we want it, THEN!!! Buy a physical book!??? Heck, read it then on your Kindle, I-Pad, phone... I could take a week and talk about all of those things... but you already get the picture, which also I would make right here, "looking at you" from my computer!

So, this year, it WILL BE a BUSY 2014! I have made "more" obligations, but those that I have made, will be ones that COUNT for something.

I am now officially an "Active Volunteer" for the IFAA. I plan to help out as much as the Founder and Co-Founders will allow me. I plan on blogging for Activism and for Advocacy! Not only on my personal blog here, BUT on the International Foundations of Autoimmune Arthritis Blog, "Systemically Connected", which I am already a "Blog Leader" on! I also plan on doing some things in the Health Activism realms for WEGO Health. I am "nominated" for a "Blog" award, which I am still so tickled about, along with being asked to be on the "Judges Panel" for the WEGO Awards, which will be in ceremony this March! Of course, then there is also my "book"! My 3rd book! I have not "forgotten" what so ever. In fact I am more than EVER KEYED up and looking forward to having that "puppy" ready to be published by the end of 2014! Now, if you are wondering how the "hell" "she plans", on doing all of this, ah, great question!

My plans are to use my "time" more wisely. The "time" when I am feeling like doing all of these things above, plus play some keyboard, maybe even "bang" around on my drums, after I get over this stupid hernia surgery in a week!

I HOPE that all of my "Autoimmune Arthritic Illnesses" stay at bay... in other words I hope that the "Wolf" stays the heck away from my door this year, along with the others like RA, Sjogren's and what all that focuses on.

I am a "schedule" and list maker. I make lists , for the lists, when I do lists! Yet, rather than trying to "force" myself into more, I plan on trying to encourage myself to handle things much more efficiently. Now, don't get me wrong, I am frugal when it comes to how I spend my time. But, I want what time I spend to be in the right places, for the right things.

My health first (or try to of course), my husband, Mom, and family, my home, errands, and all that goes along with those things, and then my plans are to put much MORE TIME into the THINGS I have so wanted to do and NOW I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY! Get my "Health Advocacy, Health Activism shoes on, put my head into the "real" meat of the autoimmune arthritic issues, do some great blogging, do some very meaningful work for the IFAA, WEGO and for all of those out there that deserve to have better information.  and one add to this list!!!

WAAD14!!!!! World Autoimmune Arthritis 14!!!! Be sure to keep watching, for that is going to be one monumental event!!!

And then never shall I forget, my book. I have it probably "written" several times over. My issue is trying to put it into some type of "interesting" and "catching" way a order goes, so you, the public will WANT TO READ IT!!! IT DOES MYSELF and No one ELSE a bit of good, if they do not pick it up and say "WOW!" She really has some great things to say.... ;)

So, for now I close and I will call this my 1st "Initial" Post for 2014!!!

I hope to "SEE" each of you making comments, suggestions, asking questions, and helping me to help you!!!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

The (IFAA) formally Introduces "The Year of the Patient"

                      IFAA's - "The Year of The Patient"

I am thrilled to share this exciting news with you! The International Autoimmune Arthritis Foundation is announcing 2014 as "The Year of The Patient"!

Here is just a peek at what the IFAA (International Foundation of Autoimmune Arthritis) has "in store"!

Isn't it ABOUT TIME!!! "You" the PATIENT was put as "#1" when it comes to your care???

In 2013, the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis was created as an extension to the International Autoimmune Arthritis Movement 501c3 nonprofit, adding patient-centered research, advocacy, and support to the existing awareness, wellness education, and global network platform.

So what will happen in 2014?
Patient-Centered Research:
We will start off the year with our first patient-centered research grant, funded by Janssen Global, Inc, a study led by IFAA (patients) that will investigate the early signs and symptoms of these diseases, then comparing them to each other and to existing literature used for clinical diagnosis. The goal is to find correlation between the diseases early enough to promote quicker detection and referrals, as well as diagnosis and treatment. No more unnecessary disability!

In addition, Tami Brown, co-founder, has signed on as a permanent PCORI (patient-centered outcomes research institute) reviewer, and co-founder/CEO, Tiffany Westrich, was invited to serve on an ad-hoc basis as the 2nd patient ever to help NIAMS review their clinical grant submissions (National Institute of Arthritis, Musculoskeletal, and Skin Diseases). IFAA will also be applying for additional grants where the patient community works with researchers, but serves as the lead in the project instead of the consultant.

Wellness Education:
We will also be creating wellness education from the Janssen-funded study, aimed to educate both patients and practitioners in new, updated early detection strategies. Also, we will be creating education for patients (both juvenile and adult) that better explains how these diseases work on a cellular level, followed with outlines for a broad, cross-disciplinary treatment menu so patients can learn to choose the path best for their disease journey.

IFAA will continue hosting our Media Awareness Hotline, a service online where YOU can submit false or misinformation published or broadcasted about autoimmune arthritis diseases. Our team will combat the misinformation, working diligently to obtain a correction or retraction.

IFAA will be providing extra training for those existing volunteers who wish to work with JA patients, acting as advisors, friends, and sounding boards. JA'ers will have the opportunity, through the JA Mentorship Program, to submit questions about dealing with their disease (from how to select a college major, to dating, to advocacy) and our team will help answer those questions and provide advice.

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day 2014:
For the 3rd year IFAA will host WAAD, a 47 hour virtual convention held ONLINE that unites patients around the world with nonprofits, advocates, researchers and an abundance of education and resources- all of which they can DOWNLOAD to their own computer. More about WAAD14 coming soon!

This is just a sample of what 2014 will bring to patients, straight from the patients and volunteers who run IFAA. We are patients fighting for a better today and tomorrow, from our computers, beds, and sofas. As our CEO says, "Together we can move mountains. Bulldozers are so overrated."

Here's to a fantastic 2014!

(If you would like to donate to the IFAA or request more information about volunteering, please visit our website at

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Introducing WAAD14!!!! Join Us for an International Online Convention of 2014!!!

World Arthritis Day 2014!!!!

Are you ready for WAAD14? Are you ready for the largest virtual gathering of nonprofits and autoimmune arthritis resources available under one roof?

Get ready... while WAAD14 is hosted for 47 consecutive hours ONLINE at a separate website/Virtual Convention site starting May 19th at 6am ET/USA, the Countdown to WAAD14 starts in March!

This years' theme, "A Day in the Life of an Autoimmune Arthritis Patient" will kick off in March with dozens of nonprofits from around the world joining forces to play "Amazing Race" type educational awareness games, all created and managed by your WAAD14 creators and Hosts, the International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis.

Get excited for WAAD14!

If you are a nonprofit and want to sign up please email