Sunday, February 22, 2015

Medicare Reform - NOT for Just the "Elderly"!

I join in this for several reasons. One of which is that even though many of us at the time when we are much younger in life, never think about needing your Medicare and Social Security benefits. You are working, raising a family, and everyone seems "healthy"... so needing something such as Medicare does not even probably come up unless you are talking with your parents, the elderly people, on TV or in the news. BUT, I can also attest, you NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU will be the one that needs Medicare... and not at 67 or so but at 35, 40, 45, 50 get my drift??? Life can turn on a dime, and all of a sudden you are saddled with a chronic illness that no longer allows you to work. So, where do you go? Eventually you may lose out on your insurance as far as health wise, and possibly not be able to even make a living, much less pay for high medications, doctors, tests, hospital stays... and you are in a place of living hell!!! It can happen and IT DOES HAPPEN!! I am walking (sometimes crawling, Living PROOF) that life is not always what it "should be".. or what you thought it would be... withing a breath's space, things can change... and when you are needing Medicare the very MOST in order to just have the vital doctors and medications to sustain you... and medications run 1,000.00, 2,000.00... or you have MANY 20 or more medications some of which are 300.00 or more a MONTH!!! There is NO WAY most anyone can afford to pay out of pocket... so we need change.... change for the ones growing up and working now... in order that when they retire, Medicare and Social Security is still there for them. OR in a month, or year, or a few years down the road when all hell breaks loose, and you find yourself too ill to work, too broke to afford health insurance, and you need "those Medicare benefits"... that is when it will dawn on you... Gosh I wished I would have stood up for CHANGE!!!!!

These three posts are what I sent in Facebook and in Twitter to my House of Representative Member and my Two Senators.... it is time to take up the lead and make change for the good of all when it comes to Medicare!

WE must stand up and let our Congress officials know how we feel when it comes to our health concerns, and how Medicare needs to be fully reformed, and will be here for many many years and people to come. We deserve great care, and our physicians and medical people that DO A GREAT JOB should be taken care of. Those physicians and other medical "professionals" who are not willing to be there to truly HELP patients don't deserve extra benefits or compensation. We have a GREAT DEAL many AWESOME DOCTORS WHO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THEIR JOBS FOR THE PATIENTS!

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