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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Distressed, Disgusted, Distraught, Disturbed... AND MANY Other "Realms" of Distaste I Feel With Our Nation, Our News, Our World & All Who Choose to Bury Their Heads in the Sand...

If YOU are trying to figure out exactly "why" the name of this post is "OFF" from my usual, that is because IT IS, "Off the Beaten Path"...

You can say that this involves "physical", illness, pain, destruction, devastation and moreover, I am totally DISGUSTED with many of us, and I must say I include myself in that "us"....

ow the "news" can sit around and bring about MORE "crap" about "email servers, emails that are eons old, Trump and his debauchery,, along with each and every other "Nominee" - whether "Red" or "Blue" is beyond and above what I comprehend!!!

When just here in our own nation, we have thousands upon thousands of acres of precious land, homes, trees, earth, that first has suffered immeasurable damage from drought, and then to be completed brought down to its knees with wildfires above and beyond any one's imagination act as if it is just another day. W have "EVIL" doers on one of our main Highways through Arizona, SHOOTING arbitrarily at any and every thing they in their warped minds they see.

What about all of the flooding, the horrible and completed demolishing of many of our states in the past months with water, MUCH, MUCH MORE water, drowning people, again demolishing everything in its path, leaving people once again homeless, without jobs, and the loss of everything that they ever worked for and cherish.

The EVIL out there that lurks in movie theaters, in Malls, on Highways, on our own city streets, that think no more about shooting people and killing them than they do breathing air... the morality, the greed, the power hungry, the people that have NO care for "human life"... and what makes that even worse, is OUR YOUNG PEOPLE... are many of these horrid, evil filled "humans". How can someone so very young get to be so very wicked in a few short years of life?

How can the "educated" ones that have knowledge at their fingertips, families that love them, take off to some "foreign" nation that literally HATES all Americans, and "join forces" with those who intend to not just harm us, but kill us, and then they strap on "bombs", blowing themselves up, in the name of "a higherpower"????

NEVER have I ever thought not one moment about me taking my own life in the name of the "Lord and Savior" that protects and saves me. Not only would I disobey one commandment, but I would disobey the very fiber He made me from!!!

It makes me literally SICK to watch the news be filled with all of the "junk" about a new President!!!!  Yes, the upcoming election is important to all of us in the USA!! BUT, at this moment it is NOT above the sick, the dying, the starving, those running for their lives from war, killers, that kill not just men, but women, children - it matters NOT who it is, they kill them... People are literally running from fires that are engulfing their homes, and from flood waters that are washing away their lives...

I "rarely" discuss politics... I feel ALL are entitled to their own views... BUT, I sure as heck right now am not concerned what so ever about a Hillary Clinton "private server" and emails that probably don't have a darned thing to do with her being a Nation Changing President!!!! But, I can tell you, if we allow that LOUD MOUTHED "satan tongued" Trump to be over us as a "Leader" of the FREE WORLD... well he will have us blown up within the first year by someone he has opened his foul mouth to in some other nation, and makes them hate us even more than they already do....

And whether you are a "Republican", "Democrat", OLD, YOUNG, MIDDLE AGED, MALE, FEMALE... or of any race... NONE of that matters either!!!! I want the President to be someone who can take the reigns and reign in CONGRESS... and STOP CONGRESS from being a bunch of Kindergarten's and bickering, mud slinging, name calling, and just being plain bull headed and only want what is best" for them... WE "elect" people that are supposed to take care of our nation.... what email they sent 4 years ago, to a friend in Florida, who cares?????

But, you can bet, whether a Congress Person, a banker, lawyer, doctor, or Indian Chief, MOST are OUT for the OWN GAIN!!! GREED, CORRUPTION, LIABLE, SLANDER... all bull... which has gotten us no where over the last 16 or MORE years, but deeper in debt, while the "few" with that "power" get richer and the middle class struggle to keep a job, put food on the table and a home over their families heads....

So, rather than going on and on and on.... about who said what to whom on their "Blueberry - Blackberry - Raspberry" or these "Smart phones" that are surely "dumb" to me, I don't care.... ALL of us fall short of perfection... ALL... and SOME of us have never even thought to strive for being "perfect" - Yet, we try to be the moral, upstanding, truthful, loyal, and honest as we can be....

So, to HECK with 16 or whatever "Republican Nominees" - ridiculous - and thank goodness PERRY quit!!!! Good news for the nation.. and now TX is rid of him also...

And whomever can stand up, and tell ME, how they intend to try and turn this country around... our stock market reeling - one day up and the other the "worst" down in history... people's life savings not making a dime, and Social Security and Medicare... OH HELL that is another BOOK, not just a post... someday, after I finish including my thoughts on those, my book may be much THICKER than anyone thought I could ever write.....

So, when you bow your heads this evening at a meal, or with your kids as they go to sleep - or if you do as the Lord tells us, "hide in your closet" and pray... then you have a direct line to WHOM can turn this country around.....

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Incredible and AWESOME News for Patients with Lupus, RA, FM,Sjogren's, Heart disease, Cancer & so much more...

21st Century Cures, has stepped out to amaze and delight so many health activists, advocates and truly help to get our Federal Legislature involved in getting ALL of the research we need in order for so many of us to become "healthier" and hopefully gain some quality of life back.

Here is some information from the Arthritis Foundation about 21st Century Cures...

  • BREAKING: The House has approved the 21st Century Cures Act by a vote of 344-77

  • Sunday, February 22, 2015

    Medicare Reform - NOT for Just the "Elderly"!

    I join in this for several reasons. One of which is that even though many of us at the time when we are much younger in life, never think about needing your Medicare and Social Security benefits. You are working, raising a family, and everyone seems "healthy"... so needing something such as Medicare does not even probably come up unless you are talking with your parents, the elderly people, on TV or in the news. BUT, I can also attest, you NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU will be the one that needs Medicare... and not at 67 or so but at 35, 40, 45, 50 get my drift??? Life can turn on a dime, and all of a sudden you are saddled with a chronic illness that no longer allows you to work. So, where do you go? Eventually you may lose out on your insurance as far as health wise, and possibly not be able to even make a living, much less pay for high medications, doctors, tests, hospital stays... and you are in a place of living hell!!! It can happen and IT DOES HAPPEN!! I am walking (sometimes crawling, Living PROOF) that life is not always what it "should be".. or what you thought it would be... withing a breath's space, things can change... and when you are needing Medicare the very MOST in order to just have the vital doctors and medications to sustain you... and medications run 1,000.00, 2,000.00... or you have MANY 20 or more medications some of which are 300.00 or more a MONTH!!! There is NO WAY most anyone can afford to pay out of pocket... so we need change.... change for the ones growing up and working now... in order that when they retire, Medicare and Social Security is still there for them. OR in a month, or year, or a few years down the road when all hell breaks loose, and you find yourself too ill to work, too broke to afford health insurance, and you need "those Medicare benefits"... that is when it will dawn on you... Gosh I wished I would have stood up for CHANGE!!!!!

    These three posts are what I sent in Facebook and in Twitter to my House of Representative Member and my Two Senators.... it is time to take up the lead and make change for the good of all when it comes to Medicare!

    WE must stand up and let our Congress officials know how we feel when it comes to our health concerns, and how Medicare needs to be fully reformed, and will be here for many many years and people to come. We deserve great care, and our physicians and medical people that DO A GREAT JOB should be taken care of. Those physicians and other medical "professionals" who are not willing to be there to truly HELP patients don't deserve extra benefits or compensation. We have a GREAT DEAL many AWESOME DOCTORS WHO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND THEIR JOBS FOR THE PATIENTS!

    Saturday, December 6, 2014

    It is Official - I am a "Platinum Ambassador" for the Arthritis Foundation!!!

    I was just totally on Cloud Nine yesterday afternoon! I received an email from someone I've became quite good friends with over the last about 9 months or so. She emailed to tell me that I had qualified for the "Platinum" Ambassador Activist, which is an elite group of Advocates!

    I had tried to spend lots of time this past nine months or so, putting myself into the throws of Advocacy, Activism, Ambassadorship, .... volunteering to keep me mine as clear of "brain fog" as possible! Plus I also used my "voice" and Advocacy work to help me not think about the horrid event on March 26th 2014.

    It has been a very long way to get this far from Jim's wreck, and have some type of "normalcy" to our lives. We still have a great deal more to go, and our "normal" will never be what we considered a "normal day" again. But, through the pain, tears, the smiles, and frowns, and all that has been in between. Each day has been one step, one moment, one hour, one day, at a time.

    Yet, we are blessed that as bad as it really is, it could have been much worse. He can walk, with a cane. Not for very long right now. But, as time goes by, we do have hope still that much of the pain, the stiffness, the ability to be "whole" again.

    So, through the "window" pane of activism, and my role of becoming an Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation (now to find out I made Platinum) feels like an honored victory for myself, and my family.

    My Mom and Jim are so very proud of me. They have witnessed all I've done to be as an Advocacy and Voice!

    So, that means in March, I get to go back to Washington D.C.!!!!! The Annual Summit will be there again next March, and I'll have my "warm, fuzzy, walking boots ready! Last year I sure wished I had taken them, so this time they WILL BE with me!!!

    So, that gives me another realm of my "voice" I will work on throughout 2015! There are lots of new things in store from the Arthritis Foundation, and I am elated to be a part of such a worthy organization.

    I will keep you informed of course as time goes on. My blog will be a huge part of my voice, and now I have something else to put into my book, that I hope to finish up by the end of 2015!