Sunday, November 12, 2017

Diatomaceous Earth - "A Natural Health Benefit for yourself, your pets and a cleaner home... You Decide but here is some information on it!

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits for Humans, Pets, Natural Pest Remover, & Way to Make Your Home Healthier.   their links that talk more in depth about this amazing (natural) product, even to aid in the symptoms of "Leaky gut", Autoimmune illness symptoms, IBS, Colon Issues, and to 


Cleanse the body.... 

(by the way I am NOT "promoting" any of these sites as far as them "selling" this... I happened to have been researching it, so I've looked at many websites, some of those who may "sell" this product, and others that have lots of information on it... by the way the ONLY type of Diatomaceous Earth that is "FOOD GRADE" would be the one you would want to try for you, or your animals etc... 

there are other "grades" and they are used for other issues, but the "Food Grade" type can also be used as a Natural bug killer, and still be "consumed" by humans and so forth... so I am not saying "yeah" "try this"   I just bought mine and it came in from the big "Amazon" (but I buy LOTS of my things there) so it didn't come from any other site... and you do your own research to decide if this is something you may want to try .... speak to your doctor (which some may say sure, but since it is NOT making LOTS of big "Pharma" money, probably many "professionals" may say "nope"... so you do your own thinking and research..

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