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Monday, March 8, 2021

Shower/jacuzzi,rainfall,waterfall,sauna tub... trading for needing a walk in one seat shower, new wood under my toilet & it seated plus a few other things...

 Here is the tub/jacuzzi/steam/radio/phone/two shower heads, rainfall /waterfall, foot massager that I have now. It is in perfect shape other than a couple of pieces that are more for "looks" and nothing to do with how it works. It works perfectly... a couple of the hand holders need changing out, just because they are looking dingy... and the little rails that are where the shampoo etc hold, also need to be replaced, they also look kind of dingy and the waterfall, has some peeling on it.. but really none of those are expensive...and you can order them online... this tub now goes for almost 4,000.00 but they have it on sale in some places for about 2,800.00. I bought mine and it was shipped from overseas crated up and it was in perfect shape, beautiful glass doors and all. That was about 2007 I believe when I ordered it and took 6 weeks or so for it to arrive.We put it together ourselves - they are relatively easy to put together. We had a separate electric connection for it, and it has it's own electric box and it's a 120 just wanted it to be separate from our other breakers. I think I paid about 2,000.00 for it or so back then. Here is a URL and a photo of it... and the ONLY reason I am going to have to get rid of it is that for 1 - now with me being alone, having both knees replaced, and that hip fracture repaired, i can't really climb over to get into it. It is not hard and it has a step up into it, but with my other chronic health issues, even the pacemaker, I can't use the sauna or the jacuzzi due to the heat and even on my pain pump, I am not supposed to sit in a whirlpool, jacuzzi bath etc. - Now that I have had the cervical neck surgeries (2 of them a couple of years ago) and now I face a Posterior Lumbar Fusion in April at L-5/S-1, that fusion is really going to make it almost impossible for me to be alone climbing into that tub... so I just need a walk in shower, with one set, and a nook for shampoo, shower gel etc... It would also give me a great deal more space in my bathroom, since we enlarged it when we added that tub... if I have just a smaller, walk in shower, be easier to keep clean and clean...& I won't have to worry so much about falling, trying to get over into a tub. If anyone knows about anyone that maybe interested in buying it from me, or maybe even doing some trading... I need my toilet with new lumber and it reseated, plus I need flooring in my bathroom, and my lights and fan are up but they are not hooked up in the electrical box in my attic... I also need a new light fixture (I already bought it) hung at my back steps, and really could use some kind o a rail on one side of my back step to hold onto , and even on the front step, it's only 2 steps but a rail on one side would be great. Plus I had replaced a ceiling fan (did it myself) but something happened to it about a year later. So, I have a brand new one sitting here in a box, to be hung, which I could do "maybe" if I had an 8 foot ladder. Mine is 6 foot and it's not tall enough, plus I really don't need to be putting my arms over my head anymore... or I would have had it and those light up in the back by the back steps... If anyone knows of someone like I said that may want to do some trading along with cash, and since I have most of the parts, mainly is labor... I've got some tree limbs that I began cutting down myself, but I can tell I really don't need to be doing that myself... it's putting a strain on my neck and shoulders arms... It irks me, I have all the tools, and the "knowledge" to do most of it and used to do most would do it myself, until my body decided to "fall apart"... anyone with questions etc jus message me and I will answer...

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Update on my Cervical Neck Surgery..... news is frightening honestly!

My visit went "okay" on my follow up 11 days after the neck surgery. What I found out though this HAD TO WORK AND IT NEEDS TO HEAL AND STAY WORKING! I don't have much bone to even work with anymore... he took out all of the hardware, and one of my other surgery levels had completely fused and was awesome. It was "between" the two the were new and then one that never quite healed right from the 2012 surgery. It is amazing to look at the X-rays and wonder how the heck they get all of that in there, and make it work. I am in the HARD COLLAR THOUGH another 5 WEEKS! 

Then i go to a soft collar, but he told me frankly we needed to take every precaution we could to make sure this does get the job done... my lumbar spine he said, and he was upset I did not tell him months back about how bad it had gotten, but my neck after seeing NO SPACE LITERALLY between two of the discs, and how he managed to put almost 2 1/2 inches of space and then remove a huge bone spur that was also in that area... but lumbar surgery could be done in about 9 weeks if it stays bad or gets worse. He said I could have lower surgery even a bit earlier as long as my neck progresses .... anyway, I then I think put myself in a "tension" after hearing him and then I think I am having muscle spasms on the left side where it is so bad, plus just stressed myself out so 

I didn't sleep again as well as I should have and was up "early" but at least not at 2AM and was actually asleep until about 3:30AM before I finally got up. I don't want to sit and type much. Right now although the pain and burning etc has really gone down so much so quickly, I don't want to chance i and I don't want to run into messing something up.... so that is my report... once I get the operative report, I will have to post some of that so you can hear just how much he had to do in orde to have enough to work with this time...

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