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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

LOTS of things going on... here is just a bit of an update on some of my Ordeal! Cars, Taking care of a Home, with you are "disabled" and by yourself, warranties, doctors, lab tests and you name it!

I've not said much about what all has been going on over the past 2 weeks... I had several "decisions" I really needed to make, especially after getting "scammed" over the whole having my home painted, boards repaired and so forth, and yet he got away with MUCH MORE money than the job was worth for sure. I am in the process of filing a "civil suit" against him, but I am sure I probably won't see a dime of money, nor any more work done... so I've been doing "as much as I can" to get it finished, plus I've got trees that are still in desperate need of getting really pruned back or I fear I will lose them, and I have no 2 or 3 in a row in the back on the same fence line that have all died. One of them in the past 2 weeks or so suddenly, what I thought was just "winterizing" itself, no, a huge portion of it is dead I believe, and I am not sure what the heck is going on. There is a huge one that died and i still don't have it all down... 

right beside it, then another smaller one, plus the "neighbors" on one side of me put up a "privacy fence" and I know "why" but I will keep quiet at the moment, BUT, it was further into the "back lot" so I didn't know about it, which is fine, BUT THEY EITHER KILLED A TREE, OR SOMETHING AND IT IS ON THEIR SIDE OF THAT FENCE, BUT THE ENTIRE TREE THAT IS DEAD FELL ON MY PROPERTY ON THIS SIDE OF THE FENCE! I WAS so pissed, but the other is not much better. They built the HUGE GARAGE, that now with no rain, the "foundation" has pulled away from the ground all around it, which really does not matter to me, 

BUT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO DO AWAY WITH ALL OF THE JUNK, that was in the two "sheds" and i mean LOADS AND LOADS OF JUNK, they hauled away flat bed trailers full several times, yet rather than get rid of it all, HE BUILT THE GARAGE THEN STILL HAS A HUGE PILE OF NOTHING BUT JUNK BEHIND IT! Well in the first place, he was supposed to get rid of all of that, and in the 2nd I NOW SEE IT, SINCE THERE IS NO FENCE, AND THOSE OLD BUILDINGS THAT WERE KIND OF THE FENCE ARE GONE, and part of those dead trees are on his property line, so now I think that is where lots of the problems are coming from with mice, and Lord knows snakes and everything else, piled within and under all of this "stuff" that I cannot fathom to even wonder about... anyway I got "rid" of Leasing and "bought" my car permanently, a good move since the interest rate was .9% (less than 1 %)!!!! and now I don't have to worry over when this one is paid for, no more "leasing" or decisions, it's mine, and that is just how it is... 

anyway, more money than I really wanted once again to have to think about dealing with, but a good move in order to avoid either paying "out the lease" in 24 more months OR leasing again and so forth... my ceiling fan (new one) new enough I put it up I believe last summer before I fell and broke my hip... I thought it was a $6.00 part and I ordered it, replaced it, even had my son "recheck" to make sure I was correct, and THE DAMNED THING HUMS, BUT WON'T TURN THE BLADES, so I had to buy another damned ceiling fan, this time, I got it from Home Depot and got an extended warranty on it... I usually never do that, but now with my situation as it is, and I no longer can put the thing up myself, and besides they are much more expensive than the others I bought, so at least the thing is covered for 5 years or more... so if something goes out, at least it will be replaced, without me being out another load of money again.... and I didn't go to the "GI' doctor today... the weather is horrible, and we are supposed to have rain at any moment, and with it being Halloween, and terrible weather moving in, and I already am not feeling very well. In fact, I "thought" I may have "pneumonia" or some type of sinus infection or something.. This weather is really causing many people to get sick all of a sudden...

I was wearing shorts and a sleeveless top not a week ago, and yesterday it was a beautiful day, but the wind was so cool, that it makes me have problems breathing to get in that cold wind, and today, now it looks like it is going to come a flood at any moment, dreary and really cool, not as windy but the wind is also almost cold, with it cloudy like it is.... so we know TX weather, burn up one moment, in an hour be freezing... so here is my 2018 Prius C - this one happens to have everything but the "kitchen sink" in it, but I was not thrilled with the "black pearl" color.... any "darker" color cars in hot TX weather, just really suck... but it was almost less expensive than the 2016, and has a lot more things upgraded, even the rims and wheels, it has a GPS system, back up system, it tells me if I "get out of my lane" high beams that will "dim" on oncoming traffic themselves, and even has XMsirus radio I noticed, and "Gracenote"... and with that I will NOTE, I BROUGHT THE MANUALS IN FOR IT YESTERDAY, AND NO CRAP THEY ARE ABOUT ALL TOGETHER 5 INCHES THICK! It would take a "law degree" LOL, to read and understand all of the crap these cars now days do..... so I am somewhat "under the weather" but not just physically, more also emotionally and mentally, with all that has happened in the past about 4 to 6 weeks... I've been upset with myself because I've not been keeping my blog up and so forth. I never allow myself NOT to keep the blog and my newspaper current, but I've been so busy outside everyday trying to finish up as much as I can on the house, that most everything else has been on hold...

Health... Lab Work... and Issues about different doctors', tests and so forth...

Now quickly, I have "developed" a couple of "new issues" that I was NOT thrilled with from the lab work i had done before my appt yesterday. I have never had "thyroid" problems, and they have checked it every 3 months for a long time, but yesterday I do have "High above normal" on my TSH, which I think means my body is "making not enough" or it's not coming from the gland as it should. So, they did another blood test yesterday. We shall see how it comes out. 

My Grandmother and my Aunt on my Mom's side both had thyroid problems, and both took medication for many years. Then my Vitamin "D" levels were very low, which in a way does not make sense. All of the things in my diet that I eat on a regular basis "should" have it up but it's not, and that could be from the RA, Lupus, and/or medications I am on. Plus my Calcium levels are very low, which really does not make sense because i eat low fat cottage cheese, or fat free, yogurt, I use Almond Milk all of which contain lots of Calcium, plus I eat not all the time, but I do eat Sharp Cheddar Cheese when I eat cheese, and I buy the lower in fat on it also, it comes now in 2% milk fat. 

I also have lower Protein levels which again, I am not a "meat eater" but I do eat peanut butter, I made my FIRST BATCH OF MIXED NUT BUTTER OVER THE WEEKEND! It turned out awesome! It will cost me about 50% LESS to buy the nuts, and make it myself, with no added sugars, salts (if I buy unsalted nuts", plus no preservatives, and nothing in it, but NUTS! I did a mixture of Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Macadamia nuts, Pistachio nuts, a few pecans, Brazil Nuts, and I think one other one, but no Peanuts in this one, I eat Peanut Butter so I didn't want peanuts in the "other nut butter" as I call it. So, I will probably make both my own Peanut butter and other nut butters from now on. It's easy, and does not take but a few minutes in the food processor. I have to refrigerate it, since it has no preservatives, but I have been doing that anyway.

Then of course my Anemia is still "with me". It is still there, but as my doctor said, it seems to kind of be finally "holding steady" so rather than "set up" something else other than my B-12 injections, we are just watching it. The RA and Lupus cause that also. Then my "Parathyroid" tests were very "High" above normal. I didn't realize that they have a great deal to do with kidney functions. But, Vitamin D (which I am low on) has an effect on the "parathyroid functions" and of course Calcium and Vitamin D effect one another. 

Your body does not absorb "Calcium" as efficiently if the Vit. D is low, I believe. I knew they effect 
one another. So, I am getting a "prescription" strength Vitamin D, and he called in the Calcium also, But, I feel like insurance will not pay for the Calcium, and I remembered that Humana actually pays for like 50.00 in "over the counter" meds if I order them through their mail order service. So, I can get the Calcium through there since I have that allowance I can use to pay for anything that the insurance as far as prescription does not cover. 

He said I show "very, very mild and early" kidney function issues, but again, nothing to worry over, and probably the RA has a great deal to do with that problem. The other thing and it's been going on for a while now is that my "bracycardia" (slow heart beat) was REALLY SLOW YESTERDAY! 49 beats a minute, which is very slow. I know medication they can cause it, but it concerned me. One of my medications for my heart that is a factor in that issue also. I've cut back, way back on one of my medications, because it also causes the heart rate to be slower.

The "Barrett's Esophagus" he wants me to see a GI doctor! Dammit, I don't want to have to go to yet another new specialist. I am already up to my ears in specialists and I am sick and tired of having to get a new one for every little thing that comes up. When I had the endoscopy done and they found the Barrett's, my doctor just sent an order over to one of the general surgeon's and I thought that would be enough. THEN if the "Barrett's" shows signs of dysplasia or changes, THEN SEND ME to a specialist. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Daily Life with Autoimmune Illnesses, RA,Lupus,Sjogren's, family, friends, doctors and all in between

It seems I've been almost "stuck" on this subject of living daily visits and such they come along with them.

I have found that at times I get so "technical" on my blog, I forget to just discuss daily life... my family, Mom, my grown kids, my Grand kids, and all of the medications, symptoms, side effects, and ongoing things that many of us face in our daily walk of life.

But, when you have any type of "chronic illness and/or pain" "nothing" is typical. Waking up in the morning and feeling "okay" aat times in itself a challenge. Then you face LOADS of medications that sometimes become an "evil necessary in order for you to have any type of quality of daily living.

Even though with all of the meds, keeping up with doctors visits,trying to take as good of care of yourself as possible... there are still errands, families, bills to pay, food to buy, and "we" as patients all too often find ourselves "overloaded" with some of the daily tasks that before we were chronically ill, would have been a breeze.

I have a "GREAT DEAL" I shall catch you up with tomorrow, Sunday morning. I HOPE that I feel well enough FINALLY that I can go back to church in the morning. Even something such as going to church can have to be 'put on hold" if you are ill, or are in too much pain... nothing is "ever" good to go, for the most part... almost every aspect of life is a challenge or gets challenged by the horrid evil illnesses.....

Here is a bit, from a post of mine on FB.. and I will continue tomorrow.... 

Lots going on and I honestly kind of just "crashed".... After everything from my own bout with whatever the hell this lump is on my upper left thigh, to not feeling well as far as my stomach, and so on... Mom and her lumbar spine issues, and we still have to go for the injections... I postponed them until next week. With her younger sister passing away with cancer, the funeral and all that we have had to do, and then neither of us feeling our best, I felt we needed a few days of down time. I've got to find a surgeon to remove this lump. It did not go away with the antibiotics, and after 3 rounds, my PCP wants it to come and so we can find out exactly what it is... infection, a cyst, or whatever it is... I also developed a couple of "sore spots" around my waistline. One right at my belly button, and another towards the left of my side at my waistline just a bit towards my back. So much has happened and I've been doing so many things around the house in between, it could be I just hit myself or strained myself and did not even realize it. I found one a couple of days ago, and then the other yesterday. We are still all reeling from my Aunt passing away... I am the kind of person who can be "strong" to get everyone else through things, and then after it is kind of settled, then I fall apart... and that is kind of what has happened to me over the past couple of days... I really did not want to do anything, see anyone, write, talk to anyone... all I've wanted to do it sit, be quiet and still, with my two pups, and watch movies... I just have needed this "down time" to gather my thoughts, and try to get a list of the "what needs ASAP" to be done in the next couple of months... Mom's lumbar stuff, my lump removed and that chest Xray - honestly, I feared taking my Orencia when this cellulitis showed up. Well, I was already having a new swelling and much more pain and stiffness in my hands and fingers... and it is much worse now. I am supposed to get on the Xeljanz, but I need the chest X-ray first, and there has just not been a "good time" for me to run and get it honestly. Besides if this is cellulitis, I don't want to "compromise" my immune system anymore, and we now have a "POSITIVE West Nile Virus in mosquito's here" actually found only about three blocks away from my home!!! So, that is another frightening situation. Anyway, I also have to get well so I can have my back surgery, which really needs to be done before the first of the year... and we will "tentatively" be having a "settlement" on the accident from 2014 hopefully in about 7 to 8 weeks, if things go okay... and then there are "other things" once that is over that must be done also... not giving details but some of you already know the score on that... so LOTS on my mind, heart, emotions, and physical realms also... I will"bounce" back... but I have to jump a few hurdles and hope not to trip and fall over them wink emoticon Hugs, Rhia