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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chronic Pain Medications, Narcotics, the CDC, Public Comments and More information I feel you need to read...

I have to say, that some of this is very true! I do know just from speaking with my pain specialist, that there are many programs all doctors can attend, that are free, and it gives them the knowledge to give patients with chronic pain issues, the proper diagnosis, and then the proper treatments, including medications if needed. 

But WE will NEVER see a CHANGE unless WE as a NATION, as a COMMUNITY, come together as ONE, and demand THINGS CHANGE! I've learned a great deal from my pain doctor about things such as Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare itself, why many doctors have issues taking some of those policies, or even Medicare... it took my own pain doctor over 2 YEARS and then he had to go in front of a judge JUST TO GET PAIN FOR 2 SURGERIES! Doctors do NOT have time, and they cannot possibly run a practice if they have to wait YEARS to get paid for a procedure... My pain pump surgery alone will be somewhere around 30,000.00 or so... Just the pump in itself, is extremely expensive... 

so if I doctor does a few of those, and then has to wait YEARS to get paid??? They can't possibly stay in business like that. Plus I have heard some doctors admit, one reason they do not give out pain medications is because they feel they are not "trained" enough... our newer physicians ARE now being trained in chronic pain, Lupus, RA, autoimmune illnesses, and that is a good thing. ALL physicians should know about these diseases, and about chronic pain... So, I believe that the CDC has some to do with it, but then I feel "Congress" and the likes also have their fingers in it, along with our "insurance, Medicare" and so forth... and the fact that WE have to stop Hiding our heads in the sand, and STAND UP AND TELL OUR STORIES!!!! It is totally imperative that WE STAND TOGETHER and make our voices heard. 

We have some great organizations out there, the US Pain Foundation​, Power of Pain Foundation just to name two of them, but they also NEED US to HELP them get the word out... that is the ONLY way we as patients, caretakers, family and friends, will get the treatments we need, under the right circumstances, and not have our physicians "frightened" to prescribe the medications their patients need.... many of us cannot AFFORD a "specialist".... And even Finding a "good Pain Doctor" is NOT EASY! 

Can you imagine walking into a "Pain Management Doctor's Office" that ALSO IS A TEACHING UNIVERSITY, to find out THEY do NOT "prescribe" pain medications, but they send a 'RECOMMENDATION" TO THE patients PCP to give them the medications??? now how stupid is that!!! Talk about nuts! Then WHY call themselves a PAIN MANAGEMENT CLINIC???? This just happened last week to a friend of mine, and I know of a doctor here, that is a "pain doctor" but he got "reprimanded" so he can prescribe "some medications" but nothing that would be "narcotic" in nature... so you go in, thinking you will get the help you need... and then find out he can give out other medications, BUT he cannot prescribe any type of narcotic, even though he tells you that is what you need!

Don’t Blame CDC for Poor Pain Care — Pain News Network




Wednesday, December 23, 2015

PLEASE REMEBER to Put Your Personal Stories and Comments in - THE CDC NEEDS TO know how we feel! This can have a dramatic effect on our lives in the future!

The link below will take you to the docket and to where you can comment. As of this morning there are 500 comments, and we need more like 5,000 or 50,000!!! I know there are MANY, MANY MORE out there that have not commented yet on this vital and important subject. PLEASE take a few minutes and go to put your comments in.

I know we are busy with the holidays, but this could truly effect the rest of our lives and holidays in the future!

I saw many "names" I recognized, and also you can be "anonymous" if you prefer. Whatever you do, get your comments in no later than January 13th, which is not far away.

By the way, the link works, not sure why this "sign" comes up as far as the link:!documentDetail;D=CDC-2015-0112-0001

Here is my comment and gosh I could have written 4 times this much!

Here is my "comment":

"First of all I want to Thank the CDC for allowing "us" as patients, along with physicians, caretakers, and those who see what chronic daily pain does to people's lives. Even in my 20's, and 30's, due to severe migraines, although trying to work, raise two children, go to college at night, and do everything in life that needed to be done, I found myself in the emergency room once, twice, even three times a month. I missed days of work, that led even after being employed for 6 years or more, to me either resigning due to the severity of pain, nausea, and all that went along with migraines, other than being fired. As time went on, in my mid 30's my joints literally began to fall apart. I had knee pain, neck pain,shoulder pain, elbows, hips, and went through surgeries trying to rid my body of pain, so I could have "a life". Back then women stood as being "stressed, having hormone problems, have anxiety" when we went in complaining of "pain". I went through every type of treatment, from injections into the back of my occipital nerves, to chiropracter's, to every type of a specialist, even being hospitalized with special treatments, yet nothing helped. My Internal Doctor would give me "some" pain medication at times, but never really enough to help me with the severe pain. By the time I was 35 multiple joints had been through surgery, I had a hysterectomy, and I knew even back then "they" the medical professionals were "missing" something. I ate properly, I exercised daily, I kept my weight down, I "appeared" healthy, but the pain continued. At 40 years old, I had my 1st heart attack. Out of the blue, no "symptoms", just on the 8th day of January 2001, I took myself to the ER, a drive of 20 plus miles to the ER, and I was having a heart attack. I was told that if I did not get away from the "abuse" at the time that I had been enduring, either the "ex" would kill me, one way or the other. So, I left my home & moved to Seattle WA. I spent 6 years there, "getting well". In 2003, I began to have severe pain everywhere. I was seeing a pain doctor, who was giving me a very tiny dose of pain medication, again but not anything that was enough to help me to try and "live" with a quality of life. I was so ill, I had no choice but to resign my job, and file for my complete disability. I could no longer work, any type of job I was trained for, under as much pain as I was in. I had been told by a PCP at the time, he felt I had some autoimmune problems, & should see a Rheumatologist. With no insurance, no salary, it took also almost 3 years and 2 appeals to get my complete disability, when I did go in front of a disability judge. By this time, I lost my Dad, & was my Mom's only child, & had to move back to TX. After many surgeries, knee replacements, shoulder replacement, elbow surgeries, back and neck pain, my PCP did some extensive blood work and I had Lupus, RA, Sjogren's and Raynaud's. Which all explained the deterioration of my joints, connective tissues, my spine "giving way" (I also have osteoporosis in the most severe of forms), yet still I fought to find a pain specialist, someone who could take care of the pain problems, that had plagued my life for 40 years, and that meant medications. We "fixed" what could be fixed, but some things are just going to cause chronic daily pain, and the only way for me to have any quality of life, is the medications, that are of course opioid in nature, narcotics. They are the only things that "helps" me to get the "edge" off the pain, so I can have somewhat of a normal and decent quality of life. I have never had a "high" off of them, not even wanted one. All I want it to try and have enough pain control, that I can try and enjoy what time I have left, after 55 years of living with so much severe pain. And no they cannot "fix" or completely rid anyone of all pain. But, they can give enough relief so you can deal with what pain is there for the most part. It infuriates me to be "lumped" into those who "choose to abuse". The people that either steal medications, or "quacks" that cause us as legitimate pain patients, to feel like we are "addicts", which we are NOT! If I could throw away all medications now, and not have pain, I would be happy to. Even after all I have endured, I came down with abscesses from my "Rheumatoid Arthritis" medications, so those had to be stopped. I need two new surgeries, due to degenerative disease in my cervical and lumbar spine again. My story and journey through this is so long, that I am writing a 3rd book about my own nightmare of pain, of not be treated when I should be, not getting the medications I needed, and the horrible time I see so many others having, all of their stories much like mine. I am an Ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation, an advocate, doing activist work, all for autoimmune, chronic pain, heart disease, trying to get new medications, new treatments, a way to change the "Faces of Pain" forever. We can and need to move mountains. "