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Sunday, October 9, 2022

UPDATE... Could be I have developed "Lupus Colitis" since C. Diff ,Parasites, other Bacteria all negative...

 Had a visit with my PCP on Friday. I have developed probable "High "TSH" thus I may be having to add yet another medication for High Thyroid issues. My "Parathyroid" is still getting higher, which I am concerned about a possible "tumor" on the pituitary gland. He and I have not mentioned that, and he tends to think it is due to my Vitamin D  and Calcium being "off" now. they both had been normal for a long while, but after all of the colon issues, such weight loss, etc.. my body has really been through hell especially with minerals, vitamins and such loss through the severity of the probable Lupus Colitis. 

It comes and goes... and I have been having to keep a carful eye out for my diet, what I eat, what is in it, when I eat it etc. I have always been a sweet lover, but have used either Splenda or Stevia ever since they came out.. and quit any "man made sugar substitutes." 

But, I love cookies.. and MANY of the bought ones have "high fructose corn syrup, which is 1 thing that I to keep away from. I was not a big chocolate eater, but a couple of years ago, I began eating a bit of dark chocolate.. but I notice that tends to bring on the colitis symptoms, and as much as I used to LOVE peanut butter, now I think anything type of "nuts" even in peanut butter may also bring on the symptoms, even all natural with NO sugar etc. So, I have to really watch what type of "sweets" I either make or buy. Of course I had quit making homemade especially after the horrid HEAT we had this it is hard to buy what I need and make something sweet for just ME... so I had been buying especially cookies... but many of them do contain high fructose corn syrup!!! or NUTS, or chocolate & chocolate chips. 

I wanted to post this much and will post more tomorrow. Had a really rough week, lots of errands, doctor appt, lab work, got my 2nd Shingrix vaccine, so I am exhausted, and ate something that really hit me hard with the darned Colitis again. In fact my Daughter came up unexpectedly last night.. but I had such bad symptoms with my colon I was not even able to see her & my son in law & grandsons... they leave in the morning so I felt badly missing to see them.  But, I could not even walk this morning or step out on my porch.. the colitis had me bound to the house since last night late...