Monday, November 5, 2012

Ready to end this Election Season...

I am sure I am not the only one sick and tired of the way we have been inundated with enough election media and information to last us at least another 4 years! It seems when we feel it cannot get any worse as far as media and some of the worst "lies" that ever comes from politicians mouths, the next election brings even more. This whole ordeal with "big corporations" being allowed to "foot the bill" on their favored candidate is a bunch of "Malarky" as VP Biden put it. What ever happened to the people having the say as to whom runs our nation??? Well, when a choice few with the big bucks can have more pull than the everyday people who are the ones that keep this nation running, then this world has turned upside down and inside out! I am so hoping, (and I know it ion the bottom of the totem pole list of things to do) that their is an overhaul of just how the election process is ran by the time another 4 years rolls around. We need some people in a group that are totally non-partisan, to get some road rules of the game set up where everyone is on an even playing field money wise, and this wanting an "id" to vote business, as well as lots of other issues that get swept under the rug after the election is over type thing. You can also probably ask 100 people on the streets about the "electoral vote" stuff, and none of them could tell you exactly how that is ran and what happens, and why it is supposed to work, as far as the election of our President goes. I think it is a totally antiquated system, that for the most part not one person in the everyday world really gets. Plus, I also do not think it is fair for one party to be able to cough up millions of dollars more for ads that should not even be on television, much less to have more pull just because of "monetary" means. OF course we all know the "GOP" loves the fact that the are the rich old cronies, that do have each others backs (even though they also stab each other in them)... and it just leaves an even keel when it comes to people and our voting rights. NOT ONE DIME OF MONEY should be able to influence an election. It should be totally decided by the people, and give them an open without cost (FREE ID'S if you need one to vote), plus if things like this electronic voting is causing longer lines where the elderly, as well as others  that are ill and so forth, the exact same level ground to place their vote, and that their vote counts the same as the person next door. To me, this electoral vote thing is an old and outdated way of allowing the GOP to have their fingers in the cookie jar as they usually do. They have done it since the beginning of time, and it is going to be that way forever unless we stand up and say we have had enough!!! I am also puzzled beyond belief that women would ever stand up and be counted in for Romney. He is a "womanizer" from way back. He would hurt his own Grand Mother if he thought he would benefit from it. He could car less about women's rights, from birth control to rape, and all of the things we, as women are entitled to. He could care less about Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, helping the elderly, or anyone that is in a "minority" situation. That man is for MONEY, GREED and Power!!! (and I am still writing on my "Greed" Post)... As I see it, I vote for who I feel can DO THE JOB as best as possible. I don't care if they are GOP, Democratic, or the neighbor down the street. As long as they can get our country out of debt, our people back to work, get Medicare and Social Security solvent, get us out of the war zones, help get more money in medical research and development, and truly handle what is important to the middle class, the working people... his "political race" does not matter to me. It is how he conducts his business when it comes to going about helping to put our business back in order.
I am sure I am stepping on some toes, but this is my feelings, and I am not going to dismiss yours at all. i just wanted to tell it from my point of view. I am ready for 4 MORE YEARS TO ALLOW PRESIDENT OBAMA, to straighten out more of the stuff in this nation that was screwed up YEARS BEFORE HE BECAME PRESIDENT!!!! As of late I have gotten to the point I feel the media has gotten so greedy also, they tend to stand more on the lines of "not really telling it all like it is". If they can manipulate a story or sensationalize it, then they get the attention, thus more money. I half way do not trust much of what I read or hear from our news media these days. It is just a matter of many of the "big wigs", have well forgotten us everyday folks, that want a home, a job, a car, to be able to take care of us and our families, and not be lied to, taken advantage of, neglected or have the life we work so hard for taken away by those who like reeking havoc around the globe. So, with the elections over tomorrow, my hope is that our President will be able to once again concentrate on what is truly important, jobs, housing, gas prices, food prices, education, our infrastructure, new and alternative energy sources, much more research for so many health problems, help for the elderly, disabled and less fortunate, getting our troops home, keeping our nation safe, keeping open lines across the globe and allies that are true to their word and want to help to make things safer and more peaceful. As we close the process tomorrow may we find a new direction, a new light, and a sense of some kind of peace, looking for a new dawn, and moving..... FORWARD!!!!!

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