Thursday, November 8, 2012

When Your "Gut" Tells you something is wrong, listen!

I just have to tell you very early this morning (my dog actually woke me up, so I just stayed up) . I had a visit to my Rheumy yesterday. I was telling him the entire ordeal about the double vision, and about the "specialist" that I went to, and he had this strange look on his face. Comes to find out, Jim and I were very "hit the nail on the head right" about that entire thing!!! My Rheumy was VERY FAMILIAR with this other doc. He had seen patients before that went to him and they had gotten caught into the same web if crap I did! First, the "HIGH" number of the "blood test" ran that this eye specialist did, was THE WRONG TEST! I had thought so. It tests more about inflammation and what it has to do with the HEART, not the temporal artery! 2nd of all this HIGH was NOT that far from NORMAL! He told me ay number of things could have caused that small of a shift in the inflammatory part, of which I HAVE, Lupus, RA etc. Then the BIOPSY was a total waste of TIME, MONEY and should not have been done unless other things indicated it really needed to be done. It was an invasive procedure, that is safe, BUT it can have its complications like anything else, like paralysis on that side of the face if they cut a nerve! One more thing, usually "eye specialists" do NOT treat Temporal Arteritis! It is an autoimmune disease that Rheumatologists usually treat!!! That other idiot should have sent me to my Rheumy with it. He said it is one of the most wrong diagnosed things, because many doctors often do not do the correct test and do not understand the numbers "that are off" enough to indicate this AI illness. We were both just about ready to fall out of our chairs when he told us all of this. Here we were basically saying the exact thing, I even hesitated twice and cancelled the biopsy, because I felt it was not needed from what all I had read. But this guy has you by the "ba-0s!) he is telling you that you could go blind, etc and making it sound like if you do not go through with the biopsy something bad will happen, and so forth, pressuring you to say you will have it done!!!! And here the guy is with a waiting room FULL OF PATIENTS, many I bet are not needing to be there, or may not be getting the proper treatment and so forth! Any doc that says he "sees" a 100 patients in a DAY something is off! I am starting back on the Humira and stopping the Orencia. He told me often people with chronic pain go through this issue. I had gotten some relief from the Humira, but the daily pain in general makes it harder for us to feel whether a new medication is really helping or not. We may think it is not, and then discover if you switch to something else, the first one WAS making a difference more than the 2nd one. Which is probably what happened in my case. I just thought the Humira was not helping as much as it really was until I tried a different biologic. Now I can tell it was helping me much more than I thought. Now that is not counting the ridiculous unprofessional situation I went through in the OR as I was just waking up from the anesthetic!!!! As we thought, that was over the top, and should not have happened whatsoever. I just felt like I as going through de ja' vue when I heard my Rheumy talking about all of this. We both looked and him and said thank you for verifying that we were not crazy, and all of our instincts and information we went through was correct! I never did really get the correct testing not diagnosis because all that was done was probably wrong. So, if we are well educated, and not stupid people, and it happened to us, can you imagine how much he makes off of those that do not go and research their own medical stuff? Or check out whether what a doctor is telling you sounds reasonable or ridiculous? IF your first "gut" instinct says something is OFF, than some is really more than likely, off.

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