Thursday, May 23, 2013

In Reverence & Memory of What Memorial Day Truly Means...

Thought I would write today! But, knowing the weekend is a holiday weekend plus we have the National Annual Polka Festival here over this weekend also, and usually the TX Motorplex has some kind of drag racing special here also, town will be nuts!! With some of our town lost in the tornado last week, they have had to re-route the parade and cut it down much smaller that usual. No of the huge floats on 18 wheeler flat beds will be able to participate due to it now not being in its usual routed process. OF course parking will be a night mare!!!! Thus I went early this morning to get some of the things I felt we needed for the weekend. I sure as hell do not ant to fight off the crowds and traffic. We have lost lots of parking space, we lost many eating places, and even one of our motels took a huge hit from the tornado, and had its roof ripped off. Thus, I don't think anyone will be staying in that one. I do not think the other ones here had any damage to speak of luckily. Yet even as "bad" is ours was, it does not even compare to Moore OK. So, we cannot fuss too much. It does devastate some of our businesses though, because many of them rely on this one huge weekend, and then a couple of other big events through the year to really boost their sales and give them the cash to do other things, and keep things running for the rest of the year. So, those folks will be hurting, I am sure. Several of our smaller little eating places are in the very midst of where the major damage is, plus a couple of them also suffered lots of damage themselves. So, as this holiday rolls in, I hope we all shall celebrate and have fun, BUT also keep a reverent spirit, and be in prayer for those who have lost home, job, and some even family and friends. They do not know even where to begin to put their lives back together again. My hopes are that prayers are answered, and through those that can, they will lift up the city of Moore, and help rebuild it better for those folks than it was before... Be safe this weekend, think also of our soldiers, our volunteers, those who do things above the call of their duty for those in despair, and remember those we have also lost that have fought the battle to keep us all safe... Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Rhia

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