Saturday, May 11, 2013

Time Tattered Musings "Reflections Through The Looking Glass of Pain & Wisdom" 2nd book officially published!

Well, not even thinking about it, I officially got my book proofed and ready for publication yesterday on the 10th of May 2013, on International Lupus Awareness Day! Since this is Lupus Awareness Moth, I really wanted to have the book completed and out by the end of the month. But, with the huge help of my spouse Jim, with the set up of it all so it would be in the correct format to print, and help with proofing etc. I made the "deadline". It was my own deadline that I sat in January this year for my main "Resolution". But, when things began to go awry in late January from the massive acute pain in my legs, the "flu" that lingered for weeks, then the double vision, all of the tests, doctors, and even the biopsy on my Temporal Artery, I was not sure I would make the May deadline. I would have been content with June or July, when all of that came up.
But, with faith, and hope, and help from family and friends, through their well wishes and prayers, it is now out!
PLUS, the best news is that Jim and I were talking day before yesterday and we were talking about this book, and my next "book-book" as I call it. It will be my "autobiography" kind of, I really don't like calling it that, but I guess it is sort of what it is, my journey through all that this horrendous illnesses have done to change my life, through the good, bad, and indifferent, and how I want to lift others up and let them know anything is possible, if you truly keep your faith and hope alive.

So, it is already for sale on createspace. It will be available on Amazon, and also Kindle Amazon soon. It may be already on Amazon in print. I'll check. Here is a picture of the front cover.
Her is the URL to createspace.

I am so honored to have this 2nd book out. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have my 1st one published! That dream came true and I was truly satisfied with that. Yet, I felt I needed to tell more of my story for all of those our there suffering from these illnesses and pain. Thus, my 2nd one was born. Now, I know the 3rd one shall be coming. It maybe a longer length of time before it is ready, but when it is meant to be, and if, then it will be. :)

Happy Mother's Day to All of the Mother's out there!


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