Monday, May 13, 2013

Time Tattered Musings is Officially on Amazon!!! Mother's Day and Tis Monday...

Well it is Monday. The weekend was very nice, but it sure flew by too quickly. We had a wonderful time at the Casino yesterday! I actually was the one that came out ahead!!! I usually "break even" just about or do, but this time I came home about 100.00 over!!! So I was thrilled. LOL, I did not even make too much of a scene screaming hollering either! Usually when I win a fairly big win on a pull, I go bonkers! You would think I won a million bucks! My machine was make enough noise due to me winning that I did attract several people to watch! LOL, I won a little over a 100.00. I went and cashed that in, put it up, then went back, put a 5.00 bill in the same machine, and won another 50.00! So, actually I won about 120.00 all together if you take off me paying for breakfast, etc. Mom had a great time also. But, she was kind of "off" yesterday. It worried me a little. I have been noticing her having some issues with memory, being forgetful, and just some things that concern me. My Grandfather, her Dad, had full blown Alzheimer's. He got really bad the last few years. Then her Mom, also had Dementia, but it was well up into her 80's. Mom is going to be 79 in August. So, of course some "forgetfulness" is expected. Hell! I am terrible lately about lists, and needing lists for lists, and still forgetting stuff and I am younger! :) But, there are some things that just truly give me more of an impression her problems being a little more than just getting a little older and forgetting. She did not take her Casino PLayers card, and she always gets it. She forgot her watch, which she usually takes it. She got to the Casino, and we did not get in good, until she told me, she felt "turned around" and just lost. Well, it is HUGE!!!! But, she has been there enough to kind of know her way around usually. We try to stay somewhat close to each other, but often we wander off, and always have a time to meet at an exact place, so we can check on each other, and see what we want to do from there. So, we were supposed to meet at 4 in the afternoon at our entrance. Well, Jim and I went a little early. I had won and I did not want to spend any of that, LOL, so we decided to just go and get close to the door and wait for her. So, we were about 15 minutes early, but she usually shows up a little early also. But, 4 pm came, and she did not show up. So, we thought she may have lost track of time, or had not asked someone for the time yet. Or maybe she had trouble with a machine and was waiting on someone to come, or she usually goes to the Cashier window rather than using the machines like we do to cash our tickets in. So, we figured it was one or all of those making her run a little late. But 4:15 came and she still did not show. 4:30 came and went, and I told Jim maybe she thought we said 5 rather than 4. Well, about 4:50 she comes walking up. She again said she did a little lose track of time, but again she said she was totally turned around and almost lost as to how to get back to where we usually meet. Well, that really concerned me. Again she said when we got to the car, that she just had an "off" day from even when she first got up. So, again I am going to have to observe somewhat even closer that I have been. I really worry about wither Alzheimer's or Dementia, because of her "symptoms" and the fact it certainly runs in her close family. Anyway, we got home and the dogs did pretty good! Our house was still in one piece, LOL! But, we were totally worn out. Between getting up at 3 am, the drive there, all that walking (OMG I bet you walk 15 miles in a day by the time you go from one end to the other a few times), and then I drove home. So, we were tired but again it was a good Mother's Day! I hope all of you equally enjoyed yours! Of course my book is on now. It in the the paperback and the Kindle sections. You can look inside the book already on both! Here is the link to the paperback:

They have my "name" kind of messed up so both books at the moment don't come up together under my author name. I have an email into them to get that fixed. But they are both there. My 1st ones should arrive around Thursday!!!!! I am so totally thrilled! I am also ready to begin my 3rd book! When I get it started, I will let all of you know what I feel the title will be.

Hugs, Rhia

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