Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Just Difficult to Fathom! Such Horrific Storms - Mother Nature's Power (5/21/2013)

Last week when my home town of Ennis lost a great deal of their buildings in down town I was just in disbelief! It was hard to imagine that within 4 blocks of us, so much damage occurred. When I drive through the main portions of Ennis where we can get it is just still difficult to think that we had a tornado. A great deal of our main street in town is all blocked off because it is not safe. Or the buildings themselves are damaged so badly they are not safe to be around.
Now, last night in OK, I see what else a tornado can do. They are calling it an EF-4, but thinking it is probably an EF-5 or MORE! There is NOTHING LEFT!!! The town of Moore OK has been completely blown off the map! IT is just like a bomb went off in that town and many of the towns around it. When I see the complete annihilation, as if a war zone was there, that makes me feel fortunate. Those people have lost everything! Including now at least 91 of their folks there, and 21 of them children!!! There are no schools left, no houses basically left, no stores left, NOTHING!!! Cars are gone, places people worked are gone, everything that you need to live a daily life is completely demolished and some of it blown away for miles and miles away.
One gentleman stepped out of his storm shelter with his family to see his home completely destroyed. As he began to go through the rubble, he found a little 2 or 3 year old girl, already deceased he knew. He called the EMT, and of course they told him she was gone. He said after they took her body away, he sat there and just cried his eyes out. He was thankful his family was all safe, but totally destroyed that somebody's little girl was dead, among the rubble of his home. Then there are kids they found at one of the schools, they think actually drowned. They could not get out of a place that filled up with water, thus they passed away drowning. It just sends chills down my spine.

The thought that the main highway from OK City that runs down to San Antonio, was shut down in a large stretch in OK last night. The town of Moore must be right on I-35 below OK City, and about an hour and a half from Thackersville OK where we go to the Casino. There very highway we travel on up further from where we go to that very Casino, was shut down in a large stretch. I cannot fathom all of the dilemma that caused, with it being a main corridor from way above OK City down all the way through TX!!!

I am sure all of you have seen enough pictures of the damage in OK, so I will refrain from putting those up, but I will put a couple up of what happened in my town last week. We are trying to put things back together for the National Polka Festival which is here this coming weekend. We usually have about 200,000 people here for that, Memorial Day, and usually something going on at the Texas Motorplex! One of the best drag racing facilities in this nation. So, the race to get things together enough for the parade and facilities is one hell "of a race"! Yet after seeing the situation in OK this morning, I feel we are so incredibly fortunate, I have no room to gripe. Even though we do have a huge weekend ahead, we have a brand new store opening this week, that thank goodness I don't believe took a hit anywhere, nor did the Motorplex, even though our parade route and the down town dancing and activities will either not be there at all, or will be moved into a strange spot, rather than the usual place, we are still so lucky!!!!

We are once again expecting severe thunderstorms this evening. Of course it is that time of the year. Yet, after seeing the devestation of the past couple of weeks, we are all in the place we want to see "this time of the year" be over.
Like my husband said today, after what happened here in our town a week ago, with an EF-1 tornado, then seeing the damage and horrendous path of something that looks as if a nuclear bomb went off in OK, and other places around TX,, Ar, KS, and some other mid-western states, we are now officially CONCERNED and frightened when a "warning" comes over the radio. You get extremely worried after you have been through even a small one such as here in Ennis. Then within a week you see what can happen in a matter of minutes with a tornado a MILE WIDE go through a town about the size of our county seat of Waxahachie, and it makes you very nervous.

So, everyone out there they may have never lived through this kind of weather extreme such as something that can come out of nowhere, be on top of your home, and city within minutes, when even with as much warning  system, and technology as we have, can sometimes not mean anything when it comes to a "perfect storm" the size of this kind, a mile wide, staying on the ground for 20 minutes, with winds in excess of well over 200 miles an hour, even with 16 minutes warning, there literally was no place to really go, unless you had a storm shelter to get into. This one actually pulled the door OFF of a STORM SHELTER & nearly took the people out of it!!!!

As I keep busy today, picking up tree limbs from crazy wind last night, and baking a cake, cleaning house, putting color on my hair, and everything else I can find to keep my mind off my pain and illness today, but also off the pain and misery of what the hellacious storms can do...

I pray that everyone stays safe..... Rhia

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