Sunday, June 29, 2014

Doctors, Patients, Medical Staff.... We Must Stand Together, Hand In Hand... and NOT Allow this "ship" of Medical Needs Sink

In this day and time, when SO MANY of us NEED doctors, medications and care, of the very best, what happens...POLITICS happen! I realize the VA has been an extremely huge mess for many years. I had watched my ex Father In Law go through that entire "system" when he had a brain tumor, and it is insanity. But, Medicare and ESPECIALLY the "Medicare Advantage" Plans are in the realm oer ever WORSE than the VA's nightmare. Our physicians are falling out and "opting out" of taking anymore patients by the dozens. In TX alone we have the HIGHEST RATE of doctors stating they are opting out.. because they are NOT getting paid, OR like a doctor told me, it literally took him 2 YEARS to receive payment for two surgical procedures that were done, and it was not until it WENT in front of the Cort of Appeals, the judge FINALLY paid him what he was owed. Of course what about all the time he was waiting to get paid? Who is "soaking" up these "unpaid" and underpaid bills the physicians wait literally for years to get paid for???? So, when you begin to "hear" the real stories of the doctors and medical staff that are there everyday working in the trenches, with the ridiculous amount of red tape, tangled and mangled "referral" for this doctor, and a "referral for this one, and another one"... and it goes on and on. And where are we when all of this "Waiting" is going on???? The patient suffers also.... somethings cannot and should not be put off due to "money".... so it is a two way street.... I don't blame the doctors for wanting to "jump ship" yet I also cannot fathom having honestly to CALL 32 DOCTORS OFFICES as WE have this week and NOT ONE will take the "State Funded Care" that Jim has to be on now, until settlement comes in from the wreck. So, even though this is a "state" by "state by state" situation, it is all the same! Patients suffer, the medical professionals suffer, and those sitting in the "big house" on the Hill are not "concerned" because they know THEY are taken care of the rest of their lives. I know there are some "good people" in Congress.
There are some that are fighting day and night, tooth and nail to CHANGE, UPGRADE, get patients taken care of in a manner they should be, but also get the hospitals, all of the medical staff, and doctors paid what they are truly "Owed" .... I am enclosing a part of the AMA Network Newsletter I get Monthly... down on the side there is one article talking about just this... but I feel you will find this horrifying when you begin to really take it all in.... where will "Medicare" being in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years... I doubt our kids will even see anything called "Medicare".... if we as a country continue to allow this "bad" business to go on... ALL of us shall suffer needlessly....

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