Thursday, June 26, 2014

... More on the "State" of Medical Care in Our "State" (s)...

... cont from post on FB... honestly someone I would be frightened frankly to see or to take anyone to that did not know much about medication and the medical field themselves. The woman is pure dangerous. She is just a bomb waiting to go off. I realize that trying to find reputable physicians that want to take Medicaid in ANY state is not easy. When I was in Seattle, I had went into to try and find an orthopedic doctor to help me with the same shoulder that NOW is completely replaced. They at that time were a bit different about Medicaid in WA state. I had no trouble at all, getting on it... but once on... no problems getting meds... and so happened the PCP that Jim had been seeing took the State Medicaid there so, that part was great. But, when it came to finding ANY type of specialist, that was insane. Just like here, either there is none OR if they have one they "no longer" take Medicaid, or not the "program" one you picked (it works much like a Medicare Advantage Plan does I come to find out) where like myself I can choose to have plain Medicare and find a "supplement" to help with co-pays etc... and the 20% I will owe. OR you can pick a "Medicare Advantage Plan as I did" and any of the doctors that take it, I pay 40.00 for a specialist, they see me, and anything they do "in their office" Humana pays for and my part is the $40.00 or $15.900 for your PCP. But, just as now this M'caid "Advantage plan" the idiots put Jim on, most doctors are either in the Dallas area OR up way past Dallas towards Plano, past Garland Or almost all the way to the OK/TX border! What happened rather than like the woman that helped me in Seattle find the "program" that fit my location better, the caseworker brought the paperwork into Jim, did not even tell him about the differences, asked him to pick a plan and sign. She never told him a thing about the differences, thus because he was at that time still ill enough he was unable to really "know AND READ" what all it said... he gets put on this one "Advantage" plan as I like to call it, that does not really cover much of our area or any around us! She rushed him, would not let him keep the paperwork till I could get there and help figure it out... thus he got the shaft so to put it, when it comes to these "specialists" he needs to see for future care such as a Neurologist, a Cardiologist, a GI doctor, an Eye Specialist... for some reason the eye doctor there that examined his eyes and did a new script, said it seemed something indicated to him, that Jim should be checked for Glaucoma... now he has been before... but this could be the results of the accident... because as we are coming very quickly to find out this "Spinal Cord Injury" can have an effect on just about EVERY PART OF THE BODY! One way or the other it effects just about everything. Heart, Lungs, Brain, Liver, GI Tract, Legs Arms, the entire "autonomic" and parasympathetic nervous system... which is also then divided into several other "branches". But I am speaking more of the fact that some of our nervous system makes things such as our lungs, heart, liver and so on work... then the autonomic is of us making our legs, arms, head and so on ... So there are MANY thing medically he might face, (not unlike us with our own Chronic Illnesses and Pain do) in the future. So, (Much like us( we have to try our best to be "prepared" by having a certain number of specialists already that we are established with, just in case one of these issues come up. Eyes is a huge one for us. I am on Plaquenil, which can cause macular degeneration and basically if not c found in time can cause blindness. Thus I have to see my Eye specialist every year for a couple of special tests to make sure I do not have any of that coming on... so trying to find all of these "specialists" that WILL take this type of "Medical Insurance" along with see him as a new patient, is as mind boggling as Anthony said as my own Blog, is "Bloggling" minded.. or something in that respect... again I am posting this on my blog, and will leave a link so you can come and finish reading there and please feel free to comment Rhia

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