Sunday, June 8, 2014

Help Out... Become An E-Advocate for the Arthritis Foundation and have YOUR VOICES HEARD on Capitol Hill!

 I wanted to share something with all of you about the Arthritis Foundation. Of course they have several ways you can "help" the cause. One of those is to become an "E-Advocate". Which they send you an "updated" newsletter about 3 to 4 times a YEAR, and they do NOT give out your information, plus they may send you an occasional email about say "RA, osteoarthritis, etc" that is something they are "working" on to get the Congress people to be educated, and give them a guide on how the "people" feel about it. You never HAVE to do anything. But, if they send something you are passionate about, say a change in how Medications "tiers" are now, which is a huge one for all of us, you can have an email sent to your own House of Representative and/or Senators... it is already made out for you... you just pull the ones from your own location through a zip code, and hit send, OR if you like you can certainly add or change what you want to say. As I said, you do not get any daily junk mail, adds, or anything of that sort. In fact I am attaching the URL explaining what an "E-Advocate" does. If you would like to be one, please email me, send me a message or post. It is a part of something I am working on to become an Ambassador for them, so again I can take OUR voices to Congress and Capitol Hill and represent ALL of us... and I did! And I did see the great results, even in my own Congressman honestly, so I know this works. Here is the URL... if you do decide to become one, all I need is an email address, your zip code, & a first and last name. I have to turn that in so they know I completed that 'assignment". I ask of you to do this, because that gives me a chance to take YOUR worries, cares, concerns, and what you want to see changed in the health field for you, our nation, and tell our own government how we feel.

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